中文拼音 [gōngnéngzhìyāo]
functional constraint

  • : 名詞1 (功勞) exploit; merit; meritorious service [deed]: 戰功 military exploits; 立功 render me...
  • : 能名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (製造) make; manufacture 2 (擬訂; 規定) draw up; establish 3 (用強力約束; 限定; 管束...
  • : 約動詞[口語] (用秤稱) weigh


  1. Abstract : after its birth, euro will challenge the heart status of euro - dollar, make the transation in emm more active, promote the union of internation financial markets in europe, stimulate the development of amm, mean while it will also aggravate the competition in emm. whether euro can operate successfully, as people have expected, is restricted by many factiors, such as the coherence and integration of monetary and financial policy, the good situation of economy in euro area, people " s confidence in euro and so on

  2. Following are the main functions and effects of regional legislation : 1 the function of subdivision, i. e. regional legislation helps subdivide the fundamental regulations of the constitution and the laws ; 2 the function of complementarity, i. e. regional legislation is complemental to national legislation ; 3 the function of innovation, i. e. regional legislation can be regarded as experimentation to set up new social rules ; 4 the function of particular adjustment, i. e. regional legislation needs to flexibly adjust to special relationships of the local society ; 5 the function of power - control, i. e. regional legislation should provide legal guarantee and restriction for the regular running of the national departments

    本文從學理上分析、總結地方立法的、作用有:一是細化作用,即地方立法有利於細化憲法和法律的原則性規定;二是補充作用,即地方立法體現著對國家立法的補充作用z三是創新作用,即地方立法可作為創立新的社會規則的「實驗田」 ;四是特殊調節作用,即地方立法需要對本地區的特殊社會關系進行靈活的法律調整;五是權力控製作用,即地方立法要為現代國家機關的正常運作提供法保障和束。地方立法應當遵循的原則,決定著地方立法的發展方向以及地方立法作用的有效發揮。
  3. After comparing world offshore financial markets on models, functions, systems, etc., this paper make a theoretical analysis to the origin cause of formation of market. hong kong has advantages in offshore financial business, which make it have the certainty and feasibility of setting up rmb offshore financial centre. then the paper probes into the construction of rmb offshore financial centre

  4. This text through leading into and exchange room power, environment concentrate on administrative system of controlling, it thus can realize supply and possess last state at real - time watch - dog at modernized requirement communication, it is expected that takes place, fix a breakdown, write down and deal with the relevant data, such as integrate management functions, etc. have economized the attendant ' s works and improved the dependability that the power equipment runs, have guaranteed that the security of the communication network is unblocked, it is on duty to realize little people or nobody

  5. First from the concept that explains ideological political educational economic function in general, through the analysis for its intension, substance and characteristic, hold its particularity ; then through knowing for the thorough of our country of current stage reality, from raising worker quality, promote the application and development of science and technology manage and promote level of management vigorously, the aspects such as sustainable development that promote restructuring the economy and optimization economy to develop the economy of environment as well as guarantee expound the major expression of its economic function emphatically ; at the same time, from main quality and structure and guest body participate in and accept, the aspects such as influence and restriction of environment and use as well as the option of carrier for its economic function restriction factor have made thorough analysis, and from role mechanism, it is machine made to probe the realization of ideological political educational economic function, last stay is for ample will my party this political advantage and fine tradition of our country in new period carry forward