中文拼音 [shèyǒng]

  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (用推力或彈力送出) shoot; fire 2 (液體受到壓力迅速擠出) discharge in a jet 3 (放出) ...
  • : Ⅰ副詞(永遠; 久遠) perpetually; forever; always Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname


  1. Ceo22 is used as optical materials, polishing agents, ultraviolet absorption materials, the cleaning catalyst of car ' s waste gases, chemical decolorant of glass, radiation - resisting glass permanent magnet, electronic ceramics etc. if it is processed into nanoparticles, it will exhibit some novel properties led to varied applications. for example, ceo22 nanocrystal is a better promoter of cytochrome c and the stabilizer of zro22 ceramics. because of its high index of refraction and good stability, it is used to produce reduced reflection film

    Ceo _ 2是一種廉價而用途極廣的材料,如用於發光材料、拋光劑、紫外吸收材料、汽車尾氣凈化催化劑、玻璃的化學退色劑、耐輻玻璃、磁體、電子陶瓷等,其納米化后將出現一些新的性質及應用,如ceoz納米晶是細胞色素c的良好的催進劑,還用作zro :陶瓷的穩定劑,由於ceo :折率高,穩定性好,常用於制備減反膜等。
  2. The polyester fibre of resisting bacterium is one without which people can t live in modern times, but how to restrain the bacterium propagating excessively and keep people in health is a most important goal that fabrics and clothing industry are striving for. fibre of resisting bacterium can kill the bacterium effectively with the ratio of more than 99 % and it can restrain microbes. the polyester fibre of resisting ultraviolet radiation is also widely used. with the decreasing of ozonospheres in the atmosphere, there are more ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight which do harm to our skin, especially for those men working outdoors, it is more important to think about the way to lessen the harm. the polyester of burning - resisting has attracted more attention at home and abroad and burning - resisting textiles has been advanced definitely by law in many countries. our nation has also made strict claims in some special areas, such as fabrics in vehiciles and vessels, decorative fabrics in hotels. the everlasting burning - resisting fibres and textiles are badly needed. infrared ray fibre is also a new functional one that can absorb and reflect infrared ray after being processed physically. it s functions include physical therapy wet - ejecting and bacterium - restraining. this warm - preserving material can absorb the emitting heat from our bodies, at the same time it can also absorb and reflect the needed 4 - 14 urn wavelength ultraviolet radiation and accelerate netaboiism. fibre of resisting infrared ray is important in military areas

    抗菌纖維具有久的抗菌性,對金黃色葡萄球菌、大腸桿菌殺菌率大於99 ,能有效抑制細菌繁殖,起到抗菌防臭作用;抗紫外線聚酯纖維的用途也是異常廣泛的,隨著大氣層中臭氧層的日漸稀薄,日光中的紫外線日益增加,對人體皮膚形成極大危害,尤其對于長期從事野外工作的人,因此設法減少紫外線對人體的傷害顯得尤為重要;阻燃聚酯纖維則是一種倍受國內外人士密切關注的纖維,紡織品阻燃在許多國家已有明確法令規定,我國也逐漸在某些特殊使用范圍做嚴格要求,如車船內用紡織品,高級賓館的內裝飾織物等,而且具持久性阻燃性的纖維和織物是現在更為需要的,真可謂用途非常廣泛;遠紅外纖維也是一種經過物理改性后具有吸收並反遠紅外線的新型功能性纖維,是一種具有優良理療功能、熱效應功能和排濕透氣抑菌功能的新型紡織材料及保溫材料,能吸收人體自身向外散發的熱量,吸收並反回人體最需要的4 14 m波長的遠紅外線,促進人體的新陳代謝;抗紅外線纖維,則在軍事上有著重要的作用。
  3. This paper systematically discussed the fundamental, characteristics, research status and equipment of microwave sintering, and introduced the preparation and development of sintered ndfeb magnets, on the basis of which the effects of the parameters on the heating rate and sintering temperature were investigated. and by means of optical metallurgical analysis, x - ray diffraction analysis and the measurement of density and magnetic properties, the paper compared the properties and technology of ndfeb magnets sintered in microwave magnetic field with that of magnets sintered in conventional heating process

    本文系統論述了微波燒結基本原理、特點、研究現狀和燒結設備,介紹了燒結ndfeb制備工藝和發展,在此基礎上研究了微波磁場燒結ndfeb磁材料過程中各因素對升溫速率、燒結溫度的影響,並通過金相顯微分析、 x線衍分析、密度及磁性能測試等手段,將微波磁場燒結的ndfeb磁體與常規燒結的磁體進行了工藝與性能的對比分析。
  4. He also said that, " the chinese manufacturing regiment " enters " india never ending three - dimensional gallery ", will cover the ambient area and demonstrate " made - in - china " to the world. we believe the clever judgment and the wise choice of the enterprise, we expect " made - in - china " opens the sino - india trade aircraft carrier, india only is the first station for we moving towards the world

    他又說: 「中國製造軍團」走進印度「不落幕立體展廳」 ,將向周邊輻,向世界展示「中國製造」強勢信譽品牌,我們相信企業聰睿的眼光和明智的選擇,我們更期望「中國製造」開啟中印貿易的航母,印度只是我們走向國際的第一站。
  5. The circular permanent - magnetic chuck can be classified as straight stripe fine ? pole type, ordinary pole type and radial pole type