中文拼音 [hángdāo]
travelling scissors

  • : Ⅰ名1 [軍事] (軍隊的編制單位) brigade 2 (泛指軍隊) troops; force 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 ...
  • : 行Ⅰ名詞1 (行列) line; row 2 (排行) seniority among brothers and sisters:你行幾? 我行三。where...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (切、割、削、砍、鍘的工具) knife; sword 2 (形狀像刀的東西) sth shaped like a knife 3 ...
  • 旅行: travel; journey; tour


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  2. The bike is a convenient traffic device. you can excurse by bike and may get whereever you want to go

  3. Shortening the motion ( migration ) distance of the cutting tool, reducing ( idle motion ) the spatial traeling schedule is the key consideration of choosing the numerical control turning processing route

  4. Disigning coolant channel on the firebox of liquid rocket engine to loxodrome ( equal - angle helix ) groove can improve firebox coolant capability greatly. because the width dimension of loxodrome groove is narrow and the depth is deep, some machining methods are incapable, such as end - milling or electrochemistry. according to the peculiarities, a cnc disk - cutter - milling method which is composed of five motion axes with four simultaneously interpolated ones is researched. because most firebox generatrix is composed of complex curves, it is very difficult to get cnc cutting program with manual means. in order to deal with the problem, the loxodrome mathematics model is studied, and an auto - programming software system is developed. the software system can generate cnc cutting program of loxodrome on many kinds of turned surface. the constriction - distension segment of firebox is the most representative workpiece. the sharp changing of its generatrix slope makes loxodrome milling difficult. with the theory analyzing and practice cutting experiment, some applied techniques, which include milling mode and direction, choosing cutter diameter and cutting start point setting, are developed. adopting the technology above, tens regular workpiece have been manufacturing. the two - year manufacture practice has confirmed the validity and feasibility of developed loxodrome coolant channel milling method. the developed technology is also worth to be referenced to other similar workpiece

  5. Greek hiker found a 6, 500 - year - old gold pendant in a field and handed it over to authorities, an archaeologist said thursday