中文拼音 [běnnèide]

  • : i 名詞1 (草木的莖或根)stem or root of plants 2 (事物的根源)foundation; origin; basis 3 (本錢...
  • : 體構詞成分。
  • : 名詞1. (內部; 里頭; 里邊) inner; inside; within 2. (妻子或妻子的親屬) one's wife or her relatives 3. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction


  1. With the use of finite method we have developed computer simulation software for vacuum microtriodes with wedge - shaped and cone - shaped cathode on the basis of stduying deeply the field emission theory of vacuum microelectronics. the software included field section, grid point numbering, and the calculation of electric currents, transconductance and cathode capacitance, moreover, it can simulate the properties of vacuum microeletronic with variant structures and sizes. the relationship was studied and simulated among electic properties and device structures, sizes and cathode materials etc. the optimized design of vacuum microtiode was proposed

  2. To prove up ulteriorly the components of ants, the author has separated and purified the polypeptides of formica rufa linnaeus and studied their biologic and officinal activities. at the same time, the author has mensurated the molecular weight of polypeptides by sds polyacrylamide electrophoresis to analyze the polypeptides quantific - ationally. in order to provide the scientific basis for studying and empoldering the ants, we have done these studies

  3. A non - contact drive and control method on capsule type micro robot was proposed, in which exterior permanent magnet driver was composed of multiple tegular magnetic poles magnetized in radial direction, while interior permanent magnet driver built in robot was in the same structure as exterior one

  4. Because there are a great quantity ' s heterotrophic bacteria in the breeding pool, which will have the repulsion action to the insufficient quantity ' s nitrifier and prevent the nitrification, the situation will bring the accumulating of nitrite which is the middle substance of nitrification in water, the long term accumulated nitrite can debase fish and shrimp ' s disease - resistant and decrease the growth and even die

  5. Focused on " understanding media ", the article analyses in chapter i the key media theory of employing what could be of mcluhan in a thoughtful angle , and advances the viewpoint of " human being - the extending of media ? ". in chapter ii 、 in the following third part , the idea of " media ' s endding " is expounded and demonstrated , which is composed of three parts : extreme of speed , content of the content , and human being ' s last extending - the extending of central nerves 。 in the final part , the general conclusion ? ? electronic media ' s influence on human behavior is given , that is human are under universal narcissism and pacing to the bottom of it impelled by electronic speed. the article has five original points in it : first of all, in virtue of " content theory " , it analyzes the theory of " meida equals to information " by mcluhan from a scale theory stand. secondly, the tremendous power of electronic media is emphasized from an implosion view. in the third point, the article advanced originally that, after extension of central nerve system, human themsevels reverse to an extension of media and turns into a node of it ; at the same time, the article proposes that, all extensions before that of central nerve are " controllable extension ", however, it reverses to " uncontrollable extension " while extending ; then the authur put forward for the first time that, the concernful reason obsessing human is the failure of their in - body central nerve system " s jointing and controlling on out - body central nerve system naturally. 。 the fourth point is, the article demonstrates systematically the idea of " media ' s endding " from three levels solely by thoughtful means, and this is the most revolutionary point of it all

    論文創新之處有五點:一是從「尺度論」角度,藉助「容論」來解讀麥克盧漢「媒介即訊息」思想;二是從「爆」角度突出電子媒介巨大力量;三是獨創提出在電子媒介時代,人類延伸了自己中樞神經系統之後,人類身被逆轉為媒介延伸,成為電子媒介一個節點;同時在章節中提出中樞神經延伸之前所有延伸為「可控延伸」 ,而中樞神經被延伸時「可控延伸」逆轉為「不可控延伸」 ,並首次提出,困擾人類種種問題重要原因是中樞神經系統無法無縫地對接和控制被延伸出去外中樞神經系統;四是獨自運用思辯力量從三個層面綜合論證了「媒介終結」觀點,此處論證為文最大創新之處,而此結論也將具有重大理論與現實意義;五是根據以上幾個部分論述,對人類目前狀態作了一個定性判斷,即:我們這個時代迷惘在於我們深陷於自戀漩渦里難以自拔,在電子媒介以其固有電力速度推動下,我們走向自戀盡頭。