中文拼音 [gēnxiětǒng]
by right of blood

  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (植物的營養器官) root (of a plant) 2 (比喻子孫後代) descendants; posterity 3 [數學] ...
  • : 據Ⅰ動詞1 (占據) occupy; seize 2 (憑借; 依靠) rely on; depend on Ⅱ介詞(按照; 依據) according...
  • : 血名詞(血液 多用於口語) blood:吐血 spit (up) blood; 血的教訓 a lesson paid for [written] in b...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (事物間連續的關系) interconnected system 2 (衣服等的筒狀部分) any tube shaped part of ...
  • 根據: 1 (依據; 按照) on the basis of; according to; in the light of; in line [accordance] with; based...
  • 血統: blood relationship; blood lineage; bloodlines; ancestry; extraction; descent; filiation; stirp; h...


  1. According to the system technology require, adopting singlechip realize open loop digital control of hdclsm ; using v / f conversion and complex key - control method realize digital setting of system parameter, such as velocity ; using micro - stepping control insure the motor running more smoothly ; adopting debasing speed control method to eliminate the mechanical impact of distance termination effectively ; at the same time, analyzing main power circuits drive circuit and protect circuit of system, completing hardware design and facture and software programming and debugging ; at last, making a whole test in hybrid rotary step motor. the experiment result indicates that this control system reaches the qualities required and run smoothly also

    技術要求,採用單片機實現了混合式直流直線步進電動機的開環數字控制;利用v f變換和復合鍵控方法實現了系轉速等參數的數字設定;利用細分控制技術保證了電機運行的平穩性,並進行了波形分析和理論研究;採用單片機軟體降速控制策略解決直線步進電機行程末端的機械沖擊問題;同時對主功率電路、驅動電路和系保護電路進行了分析,完成了硬體設計、製作和軟體編程、調試,最後在混合式旋轉步進電動機上進行了全面測試。
  2. According to conventional wisdom, old dogs and new tricks aren ' t a good match

  3. Conclusions diabetes mellitus was a unfavorable factor for patients with breast carcinoma who underwent operation, the importance of examining the levels of glycosemia, glycosuria, ketonuria were emphasized ; the key of surgical success for breast carcinoma in patients with diabetes was to use insulin according to the level of blood sugar, so as to control diabetes mellitus

  4. The main research advances can be summarized as follows : ( 1 ) study the signal processing ' s performances and methods of homing torpedo system comprehensively, in order to setting up a corresponding mathematical models ; ( 2 ) analyze the ocean channel ' s effects on the work of homing system, then found some models such as target echo signal, noise ( including background noise, target radiating noise, etc ), ocean reverberation. according to them, simulate the array signal ; ( 3 ) the system structure, every function blocks composing are studied and founded thoroughly. then, discuss methods of signal processing in time domain and airspace domain ; ( 4 ) program the simulation software of torpedo ' s homing system according to the simulation models and flow charts, which connected with torpedo ' s control part

    本文所作的主要工作及研究成果主要有以下幾個方面: ( 1 )對自導工作過程中的信號與信息處理的基本理論與方法進行了較為全面的研究,為建立一個較為完備的自導模擬系提供了理論基礎; ( 2 )討論了自導系工作過程中海洋通道對目標回波信號與目標輻射噪聲信號等的影響,建立回波信號的數學模型、環境場中的噪聲信號模型(包括海洋環境噪聲、目標輻射噪聲與魚雷背景噪聲等)與海洋混響模型,模擬產生了聲自導系基陣接收到的回波信號與噪聲信號; ( 3 )深入研究並建立了自導模擬系的總體框架,給出各個具體功能模塊組成,討論了聲自導系對信號的時域與空域處理,並結合模擬程序中陣列信號處理模塊,給出固定多通道波束形成的模擬實現過程; ( 4 )的模擬模型與已建立的模擬流程圖編制了通用魚雷模擬器自導系模擬軟體,通過網路與控制系相連,組成完整的魚雷模擬器。
  5. And the system ' s functions include transporting, warehousing, loading, machining and distributing. secondly, on the base of analyzing relative information in logistics deciding and describing data relations, the technology of cals ( continuous acquisition and life - cycle support ) is selected to manage database, at the same time, some advance techniques of information analysis are put forward in order to get a across - the - aboard and integrated information support. thirdly, according to the system ' s functions, six mathematics models are set up, and the general way to using these models deciding is also gain

    首先描述了系的組成要素,界定了系功能(運輸、儲存、裝卸搬運、流通加工、配送) ,給出了系總體框架;第二,在物流決策信息分析及3pldss數關系描述的基礎上,選擇cals技術對數庫進行管理,同時採用先進的信息分析技術為物流決策提供全面、完整的信息支持;第三,擬實現的功能開發模型庫,建立了六種數學模型,並給出使用模型決策的一般方法;第四,通過3pldss的人機交互系實現與用戶對話;最後給出了一個比較成功的案例以說明信息系對于第三方物流的巨大作用。