中文拼音 [gàizuòbalún]
let no more be said about it altogether

  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (大略) general outline 2 (神氣) manner of carrying and conducting oneself; deportment ...
  • : 動詞1 (停; 歇) stop; cease 2 (免去; 解除) dismiss; terminate; recall 3 [方言] (完了; 完畢) ...
  • : 論名詞(記錄孔子及其門徒的言行的「論語」) the analects of confucius


  1. Any system requires a certain set of theory instruction for its existence and development. so does administrative guidance. therefore, this article discusses its theoretic basic from the area of nomology, economy and traditional culture of our country

  2. The discussion of cultural construction mode in baibuting community is developed as following : the first part presents author ' s motivation in carrying out the research, defining some concepts and introducing a few common modes of cultural construction in urban communities. the second part is a detailed description of fundamental ideas and content, advocating the notion of " human oriented, moral centered, law abiding, trying to creating a modern community with the capacity of sustainable development ", introducing its unique homestead culture. the third part sets forth the innovation of community culture construction modes in baibuting community : in order to create a, human - oriented community culture, establish a peaceful and content environment for the socialism ideology, the baibuting community made innovation on community management system ; by the analysis of the occupational statistics and object groups, the author found out that most of residents come from the middle class ; then, the author gives the definition of middle class and its general features in a sociological perspective ; finally, the thesis analyses the characteristics of the community residents " pursuit of culture and the harmonious development of community culture in aspects like value system, consumption habits, cultural needs

  3. Originated from geographic information technique, spatial decision supporting technique can offer corresponding spatial knowledge and decision supporting for information management, process control and scientific research, etc. this thesis addresses itself to the basic conception and development of the current spatial decision supporting technique, analyzing the characteristics of spatial data and spatial entity and spatial decision supporting and discussing the realizing methods of spatial decision supporting

  4. This thesis comprises four chapters. the first chapter explains the concepts of inward documentary bills, trying to reveal the fact that : the secured interest from l / c ; legal relations differs from the secured interest from inward documentary bills

  5. Firstly, the thesis summarizes and dissertates the theory and key technologies of miniature intelligent reading system, analyzes the characteristics, application prospects and the working proposal, and further more, brings forward a complete set of schemes, on this foundation, fulfills the hardware construction with the dsp serving as core processor