中文拼音 [róngshípénde]
dissolution basin

  • : 動詞(溶化; 溶解) dissolve
  • : Ⅰ動詞1. (損失; 虧耗) lose 2. (腐蝕) erode; corrode Ⅱ名詞(天體現象) eclipse
  • : 1. (盛東西或洗東西用的器具) basin; tub; pot 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • 盆地: [地質學] basin; saucer; bowl


  1. In order to elaborate the app licability of osl to loess, especially single aliquot regenerative protocol ( sar ), involving stimulation of the same disc with an infra - red laser diode followed by blue leds to polymineralic fine - grains of loess, such explanations as light bleaching, preheat, anomalous fading, prior - ir exposure were investigated in this paper. for drawing adequate coarse grains from loess, quartz and feldspars, as well as loess, were etched by hydrofluoric acid and fluorosilicic acid. the sequence of ages of holocene loess in weihe rivier basin has been established by single - aliquot ( sar ) and multiple - aliquot using fine - grains and sar using coarse - grains

    本文通過渭河流域全新世黃土的光曬退實驗,表黃土樣品的d _ e值測定,細顆粒單片的預熱、反常衰退、紅外暴露實驗,說明釋光測年在全新世黃土中應用的可行性及單片再生劑量法( sar )在黃土細顆粒中的適用性;為了從黃土中分離出足夠的粗顆粒,進行了純石英和長石的氫氟酸( hf )和氟硅酸( h _ 2sif _ 6 )實驗,黃土粗顆粒石英分離實驗;通過細顆粒單片、多片的blsl 、 irsl和post - irosl ,熱釋光,及粗顆粒石英的blsl的年代測定,選擇適于全新世黃土的釋光測年方法,並建立了渭河流域全新世黃土的年代序列。
  2. The intense eluviation and weathering of soil with groundwater and run - off result in the enhancing of capacity of transference of some elements, such as si, al, fe, mn. the chemical reactions of the colloid particles in the soil water make those crannies or holes filled by some epigenetic clay minerals and quartz. then a great deal of white reticulate clay comes into being in the quaternary laterite of the dongting basin

  3. The sankeng geothermal field is located on the northeastern side of the wuchuan - sihui deep fault and in the sankeng synclinal karstic basin

  4. The characteristic of chemical grouting material should combind with construstion method directed by the theories, it is necessity guarantee for the good result in some special cases. by cw series material, various complicated engineerings have been successfully handled, such as the treatment of concrete fine cracks in three gorges project ( tgp ), foundation reinforcement to the fault in in three gorges project ( tgp ), and the seepage control and reinforcement for the dam base of jiangya hydropower - station. these illustrations are provided to proof the advantages of modified epoxy resin and its technique

    化灌材料特性與理論指導下的灌漿工藝的全面結合是化灌處理,特別是特殊條件下灌漿效果的必要保證, cw系改性環氧化灌漿材及技術對多種復雜工況工程處理對象成功處理,解決了三峽混凝土微細滲水裂縫防滲補強、三峽工程質斷層泥化夾層加固以及江埡電站壩基帶防滲等一系列工程技術難題,印證了該材料及技術的先進性。
  5. Depending on how the ground surface is denuded, the feature of the current crustal stress field and rock stress environment can be calculated analyzing the result in this paper : by analyzing the recovering feature of the elastic deformation of the rockmass in unload - stage under various pressures, it has been found there is close relationship between the recovering degree of the elastic deformation of the rockmass and the unloading degree of the pressure the direction of the major principal stress in the crustal stress field is not consistent with the direction of the crushing stress regional tectonics borne during the last tectonic movement. the evolving degree of the regional geomorphology evidently affects the current crustal stress field, which changes from the self - weight stress field to the horizontal stress field, with the changing of the eroding degree of the regional geomorphology ranging from valley area to hilly country to flat country. in valley area, where there is two stress belts, the bankslope s tress belt and the self - weight stress belt within the mountain. the direction of the major principal stress is nearly parallel to the ground surface and inclines towards the valley in the bankslope stress belt. it is nearly vertical in the self - weight stress belt