中文拼音 [mǎnshā]
mahmud shah of malacca

  • 滿: Ⅰ形容詞1 (全部充實; 達到容量的極點) full; filled; packed 2 (滿足) satisfied; contented; conte...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(迅速; 快) fast; rapid; quick; speedy Ⅱ名詞1 (速度) speed; velocity 2 (姓氏) a surna...
  • : 沙動詞[方言] (搖動以清除雜物) shake


  1. On the lower shelf five vertical breakfast plates, six horizontal breakfast saucers on which rested inverted breakfast cups, a moustachecup, uninverted, and saucer of crown derby, four white goldrimmed eggcups, and open shammy purse displaying coins, mostly copper, and a phial of aromatic violet comfits. on the middle shelf a chipped eggcup containing pepper, a drum of table salt, four conglomerated black olives in oleaginous paper, an empty pot of plumtree s potted meat, an oval wicker basket bedded with fibre and containing one jersey pear, a halfempty bottle of william gilbey and co s white invalid port, half disrobed of its swathe of coralpink tissue paper, a packet of epps s soluble cocoa, five ounces of anne lynch s choice tea at 2 - per lb. in a crinkled leadpaper bag, a cylindrical canister containing the best crystallised lump sugar, two onions, one the larger, spanish, entire, the other, smaller, irish, bisected with augmented surface and more redolent, a jar of irish model dairy s cream, a jug of brown crockery containing a noggin and a quarter of soured adulterated milk, converted by heat into water, acidulous serum and semisolidified curds, which added to the quantity subtracted for mr bloom s and mrs fleming s breakfasts made one imperial pint, the total quantity originally delivered, two cloves, a halfpenny and a small dish containing a slice of fresh ribsteak

  2. Whenever possible, avoid walking on wet rock surfaces, muddy paths and sandy badland

  3. The community of fowls to which tess had been appointed as supervisor, purveyor, nurse, surgeon, and friend, made its head quarters in an old thatched cottage standing in an enclosure that had once been a garden, but was now a trampled and sanded square. the house was overrun with ivy, its chimney being enlarged by the boughs of the parasite to the aspect of a ruined tower

  4. The tidal current in the radial sandbanks area apparently has directional to - and - fro movement, which can be observed not only from tidal ellipses, but also from water particle traces. the calculated distribution of tidal velocity in this area shows that the average velocity is around 0. 6 to 1. 0 m / s

    平面潮流橢圓、水質點跡線、潮流流特徵研究表明,輻射狀脊群海域潮流具有明顯的定嚮往復流形式,平均潮流流一般為0 . 6 1 . 0m s ,滿足形成潮流脊的水動力條件。
  5. The mechanics, the heavy - equipment operator, the announcer, the girl singing the national anthem, the spectators, the kids eating sand in the play area, the tow - truck guy, the security staff, and the drivers sitting in their fire - breathing monsters waiting for the green flag