中文拼音 [biéchéngjiāo]
special trade

  • : Ⅰ形容詞(特殊; 超出一般) particular; special; exceptional; unusual Ⅱ副詞1 (特別) especially; v...
  • : 別動詞[方言] (改變) change (sb. 's opinion)
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (完成; 成功) accomplish; succeed 2 (成為; 變為) become; turn into 3 (成全) help comp...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (把事物轉移給有關方面) hand over; give up; deliver 2 (到某一時辰或季節) reach (a cert...
  • 特別: 1 (與眾不同) special; unusual; particular; out of the ordinary 2 (格外) especially; particula...


  1. Firstly, some basic concepts are not clear, such as what is the status of the company under liquidation, how to define the action of the industrial - commercial authority ' s invalidation of the license of the company, whether or not the share holders can sue to disincorporate the company, is it legal to dissolve a company without liquidation, what is special liquidation, under what situation will a company be obliged to disincorporate, who will be responsible for liquidation after the dis incorporation, etc. secondly, some primary legislative principles about disincorporation and liquidation that are adopted in foreign countries are not established in china, such as a company must be liquidated before disincorporation except for acquisition, the company remains valid during the liquidation until it finishes the invalidation registration, an ordinary liquidation must be replaced by a special liquidation under the instruction of the court when there is an impediment or a fraud, the company should apply to the court for bankruptcy when it is found that its debt is over its asset during the liquidation, the number of people execute liquidation can be several or just one, companies applied for annulment shall be judged by the court and must be liquidated, etc. thirdly, china does n ' t have some of the fundamental rules that are specified in the laws of foreign countries, such as the rule of disincorporation registration, the rule that the company should sue to let the court judge for disincorporation if there is a deadlock between share holders, the rule of credit trade - off in special liquidation, the rule that people who execute the liquidation are jointly responsible for compensating the loss of the third party caused by their activities that are illegal or vicious, the rule of special liquidation, the rule of the representation of the people who execute the liquidation, the rule of the court supervising the liquidation in an inactive way, the rule of how long the accounts and documents should be kept after disincorporation, etc. because of the lack in research and legislation, the system for companies leaving the market is highly disorganized, which harmed the interest of the creditors and relevant people, increased the risk of market exchange, damaged the order of the market economy and the ethic of doing business, wasted the resources of the society, and impaired the authority and seriousness of the law

    再次,國外立法上的一些基本制度我國沒有,如解散登記制度,股東出現僵局訴請法院判決解散制度,清算中的債權協定製度,清算人因違法或惡意對第三人承擔連帶賠償責任制度,司法清算制度,清算人的代表性制度,法院消極監督清算制度,帳薄及文件在公司解散后保存法定期限制度等。由於理論研究和立法的不足,造了我國公司法人退出市場機制的嚴重混亂,損害了債權人和利害關系人的利益,增加了市場主體易不安全感,破壞了市場經濟秩序和商業道德,浪費了社會資源,削弱了法律的權威性和嚴肅性。文章認為,完善我國公司解散和清算制度,應借鑒和引進發達國家的法學理論和法律制度,統一我國有關解散和清算立法,在基本概念、基本原則、基本制度、基本程序諸方面進行統一規范,填補立法空白,創設法院解散公司制度,廢除行政清算制度代之以司法清算制度,健全和嚴格違反清算規定的法律責任制度(包括民事責任,刑事責任,行政責任,改變現行行政處罰范圍偏廣,民事賠償范圍偏窄,刑事追究空白太多的不協調狀況) ,從而構築起科學的公司解散和清算制度,使之符合我國經濟生活的客觀需求,符合市場經濟發展的基本方向,並與國外立法通例趨同。
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  3. We also have several teams of skilled workers that produce hand bound books, book plus, books with pop - ups or mechanisms and books with slipcase, which require intensive manual labour processes

  4. Special traffic control arrangements at popular tourist spots

  5. This week it went still further by announcing that itwould send not only an “ engineering unit ” to darfur as part of the limited un deployment that the sudanese grudgingly agreed to last month, but also a new special envoy to the region as well