中文拼音 [xiānglīnzǒuláng]
adjacent corridor

  • : 相Ⅰ名詞1 (相貌; 外貌) looks; appearance 2 (坐、立等的姿態) bearing; posture 3 [物理學] (相位...
  • : 動詞1 (人或鳥獸的腳交互向前移動) walk; go 2 (跑) run 3 (移動; 挪動) move 4 (離開; 去) lea...
  • : 名 (廊子) veranda; corridor; porch
  • 相鄰: adjoin; adjoining; adjacent
  • 走廊: corridor; passage; passageway; lobby; aisle; [生態學] galleria forest


  1. During this interval, even adele was seldom sent for to his presence, and all my acquaintance with him was confined to an occasional rencontre in the hall, on the stairs, or in the gallery, when he would sometimes pass me haughtily and coldly, just acknowledging my presence by a distant nod or a cool glance, and sometimes bow and smile with gentlemanlike affability

  2. Through the regional background analysis in which western structures developed, it suggested that there did not exist a united and steady block to the west of ordos basin. alashan block neighboring on the north of the western margin was largely influenced by the action of qilian and tianshan - xingmeng folded belt which is respectively to the south and north of alashan block, was narrow in the steady block and was limited by the longshou mountain - zhongwei strike fracture in the south area

  3. In fact, at half - past eight in the evening the grand salon, the gallery adjoining, and the three other drawing - rooms on the same floor, were filled with a perfumed crowd, who sympathized but little in the event, but who all participated in that love of being present wherever there is anything fresh to be seen

  4. Normally water resources is affected by human activities and climatic change, but it is affected mainly by climatic change in runoff forming regions located in the high and middle mountainous area in the northwestern china. river runoff in the hexi inland arid region all originates from the qilian mt. area and the change of mountainous runoff resulted from global weather warming up and will bring an important effect to the development of society and economy in the hexi region. so the response on mountainous runoff and its changing trends are analyzed on the basis of the measured data of precipitation, air temperature, and discharges observed from some weather and hydrologic stations in the studied area. the results show that seasonal variation of mountainous runoff in the hexi inland region is mainly affected by the river ' s geographical location and supply source, and the yearly change by precipitation and that in the west of the region by air temperature besides precipitation. there are some obviously regional differences in the influences of climatic change on surface runoff in the hexi inland arid region, that is, rivers runoff in the west of the hexi area have been increasing and rivers in the east part have been decreasing, and the rivers runoff in the central part presented slowly increase trend, such as the heihe river, but it is not quite obvious

  5. It is of importance to study air rights with angel of sustainable development for human beings to perpetually make full use of land resources. comparatively speaking, there are so many buildings such as skyscrapers and castles in the air, subterranean streets, underground passages and subways in our country, while the relative legislation and research are backward, and the research with visual angel of sustainable development is even weaker