中文拼音 [xiānwéigǎnjūn]
bacteroides gracilis

  • : 纖形容詞(細小) fine; minute
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (連接) tie up; hold together; link 2 (保持; 保全) maintain; safeguard; preserve; keep ...
  • : 動詞1. (設計; 起草) draw up; draft 2. (打算; 想要) intend; plan 3. (模仿) imitate
  • : 桿名詞(桿子) pole; staff
  • : 菌名詞1. (蕈) mushroom2. (姓氏) a surname
  • 纖維: fibre; staple; filamentary
  • 桿菌: [微生物學] bacillus


  1. As the volunteers lost weight, their microbial communities underwent a remarkable shift, with an increase in the gas guzzlers ( bacteroidetes ) and a decrease in the efficient energy extractors ( firmicutes )

  2. The polyester fibre of resisting bacterium is one without which people can t live in modern times, but how to restrain the bacterium propagating excessively and keep people in health is a most important goal that fabrics and clothing industry are striving for. fibre of resisting bacterium can kill the bacterium effectively with the ratio of more than 99 % and it can restrain microbes. the polyester fibre of resisting ultraviolet radiation is also widely used. with the decreasing of ozonospheres in the atmosphere, there are more ultraviolet radiation in the sunlight which do harm to our skin, especially for those men working outdoors, it is more important to think about the way to lessen the harm. the polyester of burning - resisting has attracted more attention at home and abroad and burning - resisting textiles has been advanced definitely by law in many countries. our nation has also made strict claims in some special areas, such as fabrics in vehiciles and vessels, decorative fabrics in hotels. the everlasting burning - resisting fibres and textiles are badly needed. infrared ray fibre is also a new functional one that can absorb and reflect infrared ray after being processed physically. it s functions include physical therapy wet - ejecting and bacterium - restraining. this warm - preserving material can absorb the emitting heat from our bodies, at the same time it can also absorb and reflect the needed 4 - 14 urn wavelength ultraviolet radiation and accelerate netaboiism. fibre of resisting infrared ray is important in military areas

    具有永久的抗性,對金黃色葡萄球、大腸率大於99 ,能有效抑制細繁殖,起到抗防臭作用;抗紫外線聚酯的用途也是異常廣泛的,隨著大氣層中臭氧層的日漸稀薄,日光中的紫外線日益增加,對人體皮膚形成極大危害,尤其對于長期從事野外工作的人,因此設法減少紫外線對人體的傷害顯得尤為重要;阻燃聚酯則是一種倍受國內外人士密切關注的,紡織品阻燃在許多國家已有明確法令規定,我國也逐漸在某些特殊使用范圍做嚴格要求,如車船內用紡織品,高級賓館的內裝飾織物等,而且具持久性阻燃性的和織物是現在更為需要的,真可謂用途非常廣泛;遠紅外也是一種經過物理改性后具有吸收並反射遠紅外線的新型功能性,是一種具有優良理療功能、熱效應功能和排濕透氣抑功能的新型紡織材料及保溫材料,能吸收人體自身向外散發的熱量,吸收並反射回人體最需要的4 14 m波長的遠紅外線,促進人體的新陳代謝;抗紅外線,則在軍事上有著重要的作用。
  3. In this investigation carbon black - filled electrical conductive composites of poly ( ethylene terephthalate ) / polyethylene were first prepared through the single - screw melt - blended extrusion, then drawing, followed by the quenching and subsequent press molding. the relationships among the influencing factors including composition, hot stretching ratio and compatibilizer, morphology and properties of composites were systematically investigated. positive temperature coefficients effect and crystallization behaviors of composites were preliminarily analyzed

    本文採用單螺熔融共混擠出?熱拉伸?淬冷的新的成型方法制備炭黑填充的pet pe復合導電材料,熱拉伸的目的是使材料的分散相( pet相)在加工過程中原位形成,而炭黑基本分散在中或的表面上,使炭黑粒子間間距減小,形成更多的導電通路,從而提高材料的導電性能,同時保持或提高材料的力學性能。
  4. Although individuals can harbour up to a thousand different types of microbes, more than 90 % of these belong to one or other of two groups, called bacteroidetes and firmicutes

  5. On the basis of surveying of the relative literature about the modification of pvc, two kinds of fibers were used to improve pvc, the light, low cost / wood fiber / pvc composites were made. using diabase fiber instead of glass fiber reinforce pvc in order to resolve the difficult process problem. the wood fiber was treated, the configuration and the mechanical properties of the wood fiber / pvc composite were studied

    本文在查閱了大量國內外有關聚氯乙烯( pvc )改性的文獻資料的基礎上,採用兩種對pvc進行了改性研究,用木改性pvc制備輕質低成本的pvc材料,用輝綠巖代替玻璃解決玻璃增強pvc製品難加工的問題。