中文拼音 [màoluósān]
mūlasthānapura the modern multan

  • : i 形容詞1 (茂盛) luxuriant; profuse; exuberant 2 (豐富精美) rich and splendid Ⅱ名詞1 [化學] ...
  • : 羅名1 (捕鳥的網) a net for catching birds 2 (篩子) sieve; sifter; screen 3 (質地稀疏的絲織品...
  • : Ⅰ數詞1. (二加一后所得) three 2. (表示多數或多次) more than two; several; many Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (部分; 部位) part; section; division; region 2 (部門; 機關或組織單位的名稱) unit; mini...
  • : 名詞(姓氏) a surname


  1. Part one of diet for a new america exposed the horrors of factory farming. part two convincingly demonstrated how deadly meat - based diets are, and how healthy and safe vegetarianism even veganism is. part three introduced the world to the incredible environmental consequences of animal agriculture, which even many vegetarians were unaware of before the book was published

  2. This article contains three parts, namely, preface, body and conclusion. the preface mainly introduces the discussing subject and writing purposes of this article. body is divided into four parts : from the beginning of actio in rem and actio in personam in roman law, the first part detailedly inspects and analyses the formation process of the dual rights system in historical research methods ; the second part discusses the theoretical framework of the dual rights structure from the aspect of system ; the third part mainly analyses the middle rights and the integration of real rights and creditor ’ s rights and the reasons for the emergence of these phenomena, pointing out that the emergence of these phenomena is unevitable in civil law system which ajusts social relationship with systematic code, and how

  3. This is the third novel by trollope and as before she explores the topic of family relations

  4. Consider my position, pyotr nikolaitch : if i were in the cavalry, i should get no more than two hundred roubles every four months, even at the rank of lieutenant, while as it is i get two hundred and thirty, he explained with a beaming, friendly smile, looking at shinshin and the count as though he had no doubt that his success would always be the chief goal of all other peoples wishes

    「彼得尼古拉耶維奇,請您想想我的處境:如果我在騎兵隊服役,那怕是掛中尉軍銜,在四個月之內我所掙的錢也不會超過兩百布,現在我已掙到兩百布。 」他說道,臉上露出洋洋得意的令人喜悅的微笑,一面回頭看看申申和伯爵,彷彿他的成就永遠是其他一切人共同期望的主要目標,他認為這是顯而易見的事情。
  5. The second part emphatically analyzes the operating ideas and marketing modes of two famous education companies in the world - - - apollo education group and mckinsey corporation, to use for reference. in the third part, i analyzes the current operating situation of chengdu hengzhi education corp. ltd., points out the problems and difficulties which it faces in the fierce market competition, analyzes the microcosmic environment which it is under through tools like swot, and determines its marketing strategies. the forth part is the core of this paper, in which the special marketing mode - - - linking the production character with the service cha racter of education is set up, using the marketing modes of apollo and mckinsey for reference and combining the current environment and consumer ' s demand this paper systematically constructs the marketing strategy of hengzhi education corp. ltd. and sets up the marketing mode for the training trade which is suitable for the west region in china

    本論文共包括四個分,其中第一分對培訓行業所處的國際國內環境進行了描述和分析,包括國外教育產業化的發展進程、教育產業目前的主要體現形式、國內教育行業的現狀及發展趨勢等;第二分著重分析了全球最知名的兩個教育公司? ?阿波教育集團和麥肯錫公司? ?各自的經營理念和營銷模式,以資借鑒;在第分中,我對成都恆知教育公司的運行現狀進行了分析,並指出其在激烈的市場競爭中遇到的問題和阻礙,同時通過swot分析等工具對恆知公司所處的微觀環境進行了分析,確定了公司的營銷戰略選擇;第四分是這篇論文的核心分,通過對阿波和麥肯錫兩家公司營銷模式的借鑒,結合公司所處的環境及客戶的需求,建立了將教育的產品性和服務性相結合的特有的營銷模式。