中文拼音 [sǎnfǎnshè]
diffuse reflectance

  • : 動詞1. (保護; 保衛) protect; guard; shield 2. (袒護;包庇) be partial to; shield from censure
  • : 散動詞1. (由聚集而分離) break up; disperse 2. (散布) distribute; disseminate; give out 3. (排除) dispel; let out
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (方向相背) reverse side 2 (造反) rebellion 3 (指反革命、反動派) counterrevolutionari...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (用推力或彈力送出) shoot; fire 2 (液體受到壓力迅速擠出) discharge in a jet 3 (放出) ...
  • : 率名詞(比值) rate; ratio; proportion


  1. Neutron dosimetry - part 4 : measurement technique for individual dosimetry using albedo dosimeters

  2. And understanding and studying the spectral features and variation rules of geo - targets in the experimental area, raising that it is the basis of geo - targets information collection with imaging spectrometer data to understand spectral features and variation rules of geo - targets, realizing that in a great extent spectral - integrated - form - based classification method can remove the phenomenon of " different spectrum with same objects " resulted from reflection ratio curve translation because of the angle change among sensor, targets and observation direction, and the average and variance images can be introduced to solve the problem of two kinds of geo - target with similar spectral forms and much different values of whole reflection ratio. it is suggested that " red edge " range bands of vegetation, which has close relationship with vegetation cover and biomass, is the main characteristic bands and important basis for careful vegetation classification and quantitative retrieval, and pixel - based derivative spectral analysis is very useful for removing the effects of soil background values and quantitatively retrieving vegetation biomass and cover. the remote sense quantitative retrieval model is developed for main appraisable factors of desertification monitoring assessment with imaging spectrometer data and then the applicability of model is analyzed

  3. Method for measuring the screen luminance, contrast and reflectance of microform readers

  4. The efficient sppc had been performed with 1 - hz - repetition - rate 532nm nanosecond pulses, in which phase conjugate reflectivity as high as 21. 5 % was obtained. when sppc were operated in ce : batio3 with 532nm, 632. 8nm and 790nm cw lasers, the maximum sppc reflectivity of 54. 1 %, 88. 2 % and 80. 5 % were obtained, respectively. unlike the results reported before that four - wave mixing by stimulated photorefractive backscattering ( spb - fwm ) only exists at short wavelengths while four - wave mixing by total internal reflection ( tir - fwm ) only exists at long wavelengths, both of these two mechanisms coexist at all wavelengths from 532nm to 790nm in our experiments

    通過大量的實驗全面研究了ce : batio _ 3自泵浦位相共軛特性:在低重復頻( 1hz ) 、 532nm調q激光泵浦時最高獲得了21 . 5的位相共軛,而此前報道過的建立位相共軛脈沖光最低重復頻是10hz ;實驗中發現在532nm 790nm波長范圍內,在不同的波長激光泵浦時,同時存在兩種自泵浦位相共軛機制:全內?四波混頻( tir - fwm )和受激背向?四波混頻( spb - fwm ) ;在連續激光泵浦時,對532nm 、 632 . 8nm和790nm三種波長,最高分別獲得了54 . 1 、 88 . 2和80 . 5的位相共軛;同時還研究了自泵浦位相共軛光的時間穩定性。
  5. The conclusions are as follows : the ultrasonic intensity is proportion to the laser intensity ; the ultrasonic induced by a laser line source has much more advantages than by a laser point source, such as stronger energy, higher snr, more directivity and shape ; the intensity of cfpi ' s output signal is linear with ultrasonic vibration velocity, and is effected by incidence angle and scattered angle ; snr will increase by reducing cfpi ' s bandwidth, reducing incidence angle, increasing cavity ' s length and reflectivity

    在分析點光源激勵聲表面波機理的基礎上,求出了線光源激勵的超聲振動的位移表達式,發現線光源激勵的近場區表面波具有波形好,信噪比高,指向性好,幅度強等特點。通過理論推導,得出共焦fabry - perot干涉儀的輸出光強除了與樣品表面的振動速度成正比,並與入角和角有關;適當減小cfpi的帶寬,增加腔長,增大鏡面,或者減小檢測入角都可以提高系統的信噪比。