中文拼音 [fēngdiǎn]

  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (豐富) abundant; plentiful; rich; full 2 (大) great 3 (容貌和姿態美好的) fine look...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (標準; 法則) standard; law; canon2 (典範性書籍) standard work of scholarship 3 (典故...


  1. The preparation of breakfast burnt offering : intestinal congestion and premeditative defecation holy of holies : the bath rite of john : the funeral rite of samuel : the advertisement of alexander keyes urim and thummin : the unsubstantial lunch rite of melchizedek : the visit to museum and national library holy place : the bookhunt along bedford row, merchants arch, wellington quay simchath torah : the music in the ormond hotel shira shirim : the altercation with a truculent troglodyte in bernard kiernan s premises holocaust : a blank period of time including a cardrive, a visit to a house of mourning, a leavetaking wilderness : the eroticism produced by feminine exhibitionism rite of onan : the prolonged delivery of mrs mina purefoy heave offering : the visit to the disorderly house of mrs bella cohen, 82 tyrone street, lower, and subsequent brawl and chance medley in beaver street armageddon : nocturnal perambulation to and from the cabman s shelter, butt bridge atonement

    準備早餐燔祭351 ,腸內裝滿以及預先想到的排便至聖所352 ,洗澡約翰的儀式353 ,葬禮撒姆耳的儀式354 ,亞歷山大凱斯的廣告火與真理355 ,不盛的午餐麥基洗德356 ,訪問博物館和國立圖書館神聖的地方357 ,沿著貝德福德路商賈拱廊358 ,韋林頓碼頭搜購書籍喜哉法359 ,奧蒙德飯店裡的音樂歌中之歌360 。在伯納德卡南的酒吧里與橫蠻無理的穴居人361吵嘴燔祭。包括一段空白時間:乘馬車到辦喪事的家362去以及一次訣別曠野363 。
  2. Soil collembolan is deemed as an epitome of soil invertebrate and medium - sized soil animals because of its abundance in species and hugeness in biomass

  3. And there rises a shining palace whose crystal glittering roof is seen by mariners who traverse the extensive sea in barks built expressly for that purpose and thither come all herds and fatlings and first fruits of that land for o connell fitzsimon takes toll of them, a chieftain descended from chieftains. thither the extremely large wains bring foison of the fields, flaskets of cauliflowers, floats of spinach, pineapple chunks, rangoon beans, strikes of tomatoes, drums of figs, drills of swedes, spherical potatoes and tallies of iridescent kale, york and savoy, and trays of onions, pearls of the earth, and punnets of mushrooms and custard marrows and fat vetches and bere and rape and red green yellow brown russet sweet big bitter ripe pomellated apples and chips of strawberries and sieves of gooseberries, pulpy and pelurious, and strawberries fit for princes and raspberries from their canes

    用一輛輛巨大的敞篷馬車載來的是田裡饒的收獲:裝在淺筐中的花椰菜成車的菠菜,大塊頭的菠蘿,仰光豆23 ,多少斯揣克24西紅柿,盛在一隻只圓桶里的無花果,條播的瑞蕪菁,球形土豆,好幾捆約克種以及薩沃伊種彩虹色羽衣甘蘭,還有盛在一隻只淺箱里的大地之珍珠25 -蔥頭此外就是一扁籃一扁籃的蘑菇乳黃色食用葫蘆飽滿的大巢萊大麥和苔苔,紅綠黃褐朽葉色的又甜又大又苦又熟又有斑點的蘋果,裝在一隻只薄木匣里的楊梅,一粗筐一粗筐的醋栗。
  4. According to kathe geist, as she writes in her essay " narrative strategies in ozu s late films ", " although it confounds our expectations, it provides a rich and accurate description of the characters, themes, motivations, and events in ozu s story and never deviates from or clutters that story with irrelevant information. ozu indeed omits what is unimportant for his story and neither leaves out important events nor needlessly prolongs unimportant ones " geist p. 98 - 100

  5. Firstly, this part analyzes development features of japanese industrial group, including formation factors, industrial distribution and scale, types of internal structures, development status and problems. secondly, on basis of expiating four typical cases, namely industrial group of toyota auto, kitakyushu industrial group, ic industrial group of kyushu, textile and clothing industrial group of fukui, this part summarizes basic laws of industrial group evolvement and its impacts of regional economy. thirdly, this part makes a theoretical summarization on relation between industrial group and unbalanced development of regional economy in japan, holding the view that industrial group has not only economy growth effects, but also economic structure evolvement effects and social improvement effects