中文拼音 [chǎnjiēyóuhuàxiǎng]
trend of bourgeois liberalization

  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (錢財; 費用) money; wealth; expenses 2 (資質) intelligence; endowment 3 (資格) quali...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (人或動物的幼體從母體中分離出來) give birth to; be delivered of; breed 2 (創造財富; 生...
  • : 名詞1. (臺階) steps; stairs 2. (等級) rank 3. [醫學] (耳蝸的三個螺旋管的任一個) scala 4. [數學] order 5. [地質學] stage
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (等級) level; rank; grade 2 (年級) any of the yearly divisions of a school course; gra...
  • : Ⅰ代詞(自己) self; oneself; one s own Ⅱ副詞(自然;當然) certainly; of course; naturally; willin...
  • : causereason
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (思考;想) think; consider; deliberate 2 (思念; 懷念) think of; long for Ⅱ名詞1 (思路...
  • : 動詞1 (思索) think; ponder 2 (推測; 認為) suppose; reckon; consider; think 3 (希望; 打算) w...
  • 資產: 1. (財產) property; means 2. (資金) capital fund; capital3. [經] (資金的運用情況) assets
  • 階級: (social) class; step
  • 自由化: liberalization自由化傾向 liberalization tendency; 自由化速度 liberalization rate
  • 自由: freedomliberty


  1. There are two cognition limitations of its meaning emphasized by our academe : one is class limitations which is described as reflection of inexorability and selfishness of bourgeoisie, the other is historic conception limitation which is the idealist conception of history that blazon forth evading social revolution and ascribing the course of social development to character perfection

    對其意義局限性的認識我國學界普通強調兩點:一是的局限性,即「反映了的冷酷私」 ;二是歷史觀的局限性,即宣揚了「迴避社會革命,僅把社會發展的過程歸結為個性完善」的唯心史觀。
  2. Secondly, its content hasconflict with the system and it can make the system to a downfall. among the three characters. information organization is the most impotw andstable while benifit organization and control lbject embody the artificial operatingcharatel ii. fundamental causes of medium ' s industriazationwth the development of huznan societyindustry revolution happened in thewest accelerated society productivity and solved the technical obstacles of publicconununication meditun. bourgeois was becoming stronger and stronger andovercame feudality at last. wth the victory of bourgeois, market economy was devoloing quickly. thepublic communication medium of capitalism are now pursuing benefits bothobjectively and subjectively but it is impossible in the past and accomplished theprocess of early industriaiization. ' it is discussed from chinese public communication medium - - - - newspaper ' semergence, developing process and its sinuosityit comes to a conclusion that thefundarnental cause of the public communication medium is that benefit and controlinieract each other. that is to saywhen benefit is stronger control is weaker and viceversa. lll. the proccss of chincse mcdium and individual devclopmcntl. under the functions of intemal prusuing benefit desire and pursuing benefitcondition, it appeared the upsurge that newspapermen set up newspaper and new tvstation was set tip from l979 to l982. 2. the upsurge of a series of tv channel and enlargement in newspapel3. the cooperation of post and delivery and owning delivery also gives a rapiddevolopment to newspapers. 4. the strengthening of individual collectivization embodies that theindustrialization gets on a new stage. 5. the illtemational fimds also ellter into

    的勝利,市場經濟得以迅速發展,的大眾傳播業主完成了過去不能追求、也沒有條件追求經濟利益而變成了主觀上努力追求,客觀條件上也能夠追求經濟利益的轉變,從而完成了大眾媒介最初的過程。從中國大眾傳播媒介? ?報紙的生,發展過程及其曲折等方面來論述,得出了大眾傳播媒介的最根本動因就是利益和控制的互動,也就是說利益強時控制則弱,當控制強時則利益弱。三、中國大眾傳播媒介進程和個體發展第一、在身獲利慾望及外在獲利條件的雙重作用下,從1979年至1982發生了在報業的第一次辦報熱潮和發生在廣播業電視業的建臺熱。
  3. This culture can be led only by the culture and ideology of the proletariat, by the ideology of communism, and not by the culture and ideology of any other class

  4. It is manifested by the disordered overspread of the suburbs, the downfall of the central cities, the exacerbation of racial conflicts, and the polarization between the rich and the poor. then the thesis analyzes the direct causes of oversuburbanization : the deep - rooted racial discrimination and the misguided federal housing and transportation policies in the early stage. chapter iv retrospects the train of thought of the federal government on its series of urban policies since the late 1940s to combat oversuburbanization and gives a comment on these measures and explains the fundamental reasons why the federal urban policies always face a paradoxical situation

  5. The structure of triacrchal society and the economic pattern of small farmer of chinese traditional society had formed the condition " administer so as morals is supplementary means mainly with law " of " construction of morals and law ", government administrative role had promoted the development of specially autocratic system culture further ; when western country makes revolution from the capitalist class, the government that has formed the type of rule by law step by step says in general that promote social well development