中文拼音 [qiàn]

  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (暢通) extend 2 (達到) reach; attain; amount to 3 (通曉; 明白) understand thoroughly...
  • : 茜名詞(人名用字) a word used in women's name


  1. The representation of aaf and its resolution not only enriches relative theory of radar signal processing and is instructive in radar parameter design and performance analysis, but also provides a practical method to quantitatively evaluate the acceleration effects on signal processing

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  3. - i ' m gilda besse. - i know who you are

  4. Bessie supplied the hiatus by a homily of an hour s length, in which she proved beyond a doubt that i was the most wicked and abandoned child ever reared under a roof

  5. Edy began to get ready to go and it was high time for her and gerty noticed that that little hint she gave had the desired effect because it was a long way along the strand to where there was the place to push up the pushcar and cissy took off the twins caps and tidied their hair to make herself attractive of course and canon o hanlon stood up with his cope poking up at his neck and father conroy handed him the card to read off and he read out panem de clo prstitisti eis and edy and cissy were talking about the time all the time and asking her but gerty could pay them back in their own coin and she just answered with scathing politeness when edy asked her was she heartbroken about her best boy throwing her over