中文拼音 [làoyòngjiāoguǎn]
creamery hose

  • : 1 (用牛、羊、馬的乳汁製成的半凝固的食品) junket 2 (用果子做的糊狀食品) thick fruit juice; fru...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (行業) line of business; trade; industry 2 (職業) occupation; profession; employment; ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (使用) use; employ; apply 2 (多用於否定: 需要) need 3 (敬辭: 吃; 喝) eat; drink Ⅱ名...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (某些具有黏性的物質) glue; gum 2 (橡膠) rubber 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(用膠粘) st...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (管子) pipe; tube 2 (吹奏的樂器) wind musical instrument 3 (形狀似管的電器件) valve;...


  1. Four aspects are summed up : construction of new plantation production system according to the market ' s demand ; formation of industrial advantage by developing region agriculture, scale management and specialized production level ; change from the direct trade to processing trade of agricultural products ; attaching great importance to barley production, thus promoting the development of feed processing and food industrial. in the fourth chapter, the dissertation poses some necessary measures of the adjustment and escalation of hubei rural industrial structure. it mainly includes : deepening the property right system reform of rural land ; blazing new trails in the system ; reforming the rural science and technology mamgement system ; enhancing macroscopic regulation ; carrying out the cities and towns strategy ; reconstructing the structure of the agricultural development according to the comparative advantage law

  2. Sales : imported and domestic natural rubber, butylbenzene rubber, polybutadience rubber, butyronitrile rubber, epdm rubber, butyl rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene tyre types superfine, smell - free, butyl, butyronitrile, color and milk natural rubbers, compound rubbers and reclaimed rubbers ; raw and auxiliary materials for rubber chemical such as rubber accelerator, antiager, black, paraffin, octadecoic acid, zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, titanium pigment, coumarone and powder sulfur ; different specifications of epdm color granules, crossover antiskid rubber floor brick, plastic rubber sites, lawn layout, different specifications of antiskid rubber floor brick, rubber blind - people road brick, plant brick, tree guard brick, top adiabatic brick, road rubber reducer brick, special green rubber tyre rubber granule, rubber powder and product, different rubber and plastic pipe, adhesive tape and plate, flexible rubber soft joint, rubber stop tape, bridge extension device, natural rubber plate pedestal, water - expanding rubber, rubber and plastic air duct, pe / pp / pvc water pipe, fulgurite, flame retardant wire gutter, floor wire gutter, mc nylon product, rubber and plastic machinery and fitting relieve, and processing of different ordinary and special rubber and plastic and nylon products

    經營銷售:進口、國產天然、丁苯、順丁、丁腈、三元乙丙、丁基、氯璜化聚乙烯、輪胎類精細、無味、丁基、丁腈、彩色、乳類等多種型號天然橡、合成橡和再生橡;硫化促進劑、防老劑、炭黑、石蠟、硬脂酸、氧化鋅、氧化鎂、鈦白粉、古馬龍、工硫磺粉等各種橡化工原輔材料;各種規格epdm彩色顆粒,天橋防滑橡地磚、塑場地、人造草坪鋪裝、各種規格防滑橡安全地磚、橡盲道磚、植草磚、樹木圍護磚、屋頂隔熱板、道路橡減速塊,專綠色環保型橡輪胎粒、粉及成品,各類橡、塑料帶、板,可撓曲橡軟接頭,橡止水帶,橋梁伸縮裝置,天然板式橡支座,遇水膨脹橡,橡、塑料導風筒, pe pp pvc水、電、阻燃線槽,地板線槽、 mc尼龍產品、橡塑機械及配件調劑,並承接各種普通、特種橡塑、尼龍產品加工製造。
  3. Mainly engaging stainless steel pipes, mechanical tubings and all kinds of round tubes and spuare tubed in the fields of architecture and decortions. the products can be distinguishedin four sorts invlving about200 different sizes

  4. The release of u - pvc environmentally friendly draining pipe gave rise to a profound technical innovation about pipe machines ; the successful development of zxsg new generation twin screw extruders pushed the development of the domestic plastic pipe manufacturing industry towards the direction of high efficiency and low cost ; the release of zxpc, zxxc, etc. fully - automatic hollow air blowers made an end of that the imported plastic machines had ever aggressively penetrated in the chinese markets for a time as well as strengthened our confidence in keeping pace with old - line countries such as german in plastic machinery industry and even in sharing oversea markets with the competitive edges of extra low energy consumption and higher performance - to - price ratio ; and zxyxc series extruders for special shapes due to high performances completely ruled the market of its kind

    九十年代,市場經濟在中國逐步形成,廣東塑如雨後春筍遍地冒起,公司亦籍此雄風進入飛躍發展時期:國內塑u - pvc環保排水的面世,引發了本公司對材機型技術內涵的深層改造,新一代單雙同擠材擠出機型研發成功,推動國內塑製造向高效率低成本的經營邁進zxyxc系列異型材擠出機型的入市,盡領市場風騷。目前,新一代中低檔價位的振興塑擠出生產線問世,已經通過調試並進行批量生產,專展示廳展示,該產品不僅延續振興公司高技術含金量的一貫傳統,而且價格相當低廉,是國內塑中佔主要數目的中小型塑料加工廠的首選機型。
  5. Specification for steel pipe fittings, screwed and socket - welding for the petroleum industry