AAM = air-to-air missile 空對空導彈。


    1. Aam anti - apartheid movement the

    2. - similar to asm, active appearance models ( aam ) is also composed of two parts : the aam subspace model and the aam search

    3. Experimental results demonstrate that our method can find the optimal aam subspace model rapidly and improve the performance of aam significantly

    4. In this dissertation, firstly, preparation, structure and optical properties of templates - - anodic alumina membranes ( abbreviated as aam ) with nano - pore arrays were studied intensively. then electro - deposition preparation and mechanism of cadmium selenide ( cdse ) thin films were investigated. at last, cdse nano - wire arrays in aam with nano - pore arrays were prepared and characterized by template - electro - deposition method which is one kind of up - to - date way and has merits of both template technique and electro - deposition method

      本論文首先對模板? ?納米孔陣列陽極氧化鋁膜( aam )的制備、結構和光學性質進行了比較詳細的研究,然後研究了cdse薄膜的電沉積法制備及沉積機理,最後結合模板技術和電沉積法各自的特點,首次以納米孔陣列aam為模板,用模板-電沉積新方法制備出cdse納米線陣列,並對其進行了較為詳細的表徵。
    5. ( 5 ) cdse nano - wire arrays / aam composite, cdse nano - wire arrays and cdse nano - wire were prepared by template - electro - deposition in seleneous acid ( hasech ) solution and selenosulfite ion ( sesoa2 " ) solution. then the image, composition and structure of those products were investigated by sem, tem, eds, xps and x - ray diffraction ( xrd )

      ( 5 )分別以hzseo3和seso32一為硒源,用模板一電沉積法在納米孔陣列aam模板中制備出cdse納米線陣列/ aam復合物,然後溶解掉納米孔陣列aam ,寧} ) ij得了cdse納米線陣列和cdse納米線。