AAS = American Academy of Sciences 美國科學院。


    1. Aas acrylonitrile - bcry ate - styrene opolymer

    2. Rct new publications are also exhibited annually at the aas meetings

      翻譯研究中心新出版刊物每年均于( aas )年會展出。
    3. Based on the lambert - beer ' s law and considering the determination of ultramicro amounts of substances by aas, an approximate linear relationship between the transmittancy and concentration of the measured substance was derived

    4. With a field survey of aas, a car rental service business in the suzhou, those theories and methods of job satisfaction were put into practice. a system of measurement aiming at aas staff was designed from aspects of job itself, rewards, support, peer group, corporation management and operation. apart from the above mentioned, some variables, such as staff gender, age, education background and position were also taken into account in the analysis of job satisfaction

    5. Since pc can be easily connected to the network and get all kinds of internal information, there exists information security hidden troubles in the system. aas can establish a hierarchical communication safeguard to enforce the strict authentication on those who want to connect into the network. this action insures that only those expected users will be connected into the network and avoid the illegal entry

      針對個人計算機可以很方便的接入網路而獲取各種內部資源的信息安全隱患, aas接入認證服務器可以構築一種分層次通信保護結構,對試圖接入網路的用戶進行嚴格的認證,保證只有系統期望的用戶才能接入網路,避免非法用戶的侵入。