音標 ['æbəkəs]
n. 名詞 (pl. abacuses, -ci )1. 算盤。
2. 【建築】(圓柱頂部的)頂板,冠板。


    1. The mechanized mathematics has a highly development in ming dynasty, the abacus ' s perfected standardize is one hand, the other hand is fundamental algorithm ' s standardize, a pithy formula, program

      二、數學機械化的思想方法到明代得到了高度發展和完善。其一是表現在實現演算法的硬體? ?算盤的完善和規范化;其二是實現演算法的軟體? ?基本演算法的規范化、歌訣化、程序化。
    2. The discussion of he nefworn of teaching calculation with an abacus during computer period

    3. The simplest example of this type is the abacus, which has been used in many parts of the world since ancient times.

    4. China, which invented the abacus as we know it today, should tell its statisticians to fix theirs

    5. Linyi is the hometown of many historically noted persons, such as zeng zi in spring & automn period, meng tian of war kingdom period, liu hong, the inventor of reckoning by the abacus in east han dynasty, zhuge liang in three kingdom period, wang xizhi, calligrapher in east jin dynasty, yan zhenqing, calligrapher in tang dynasty and zuo baogui, patriotic general in qing dynasty