vt. 及物動詞 1. 減少,減輕(痛苦等);降低,減(價);緩和。
2. 【法律】取消(法令),中止(訴訟);排除(障礙)。
3. 除掉;奪去。
abate a tax 減稅。
abate sb. 's pain 減輕某人的痛苦。
abate sb. of sth. 奪取某人的東西。
abate a nuisance 排除騷擾。
vi. 不及物動詞 1. (洪水、風暴、病痛等)減少,減輕,減退。
The storm has abated. 風暴減弱了。
2. 【法律】中止,作廢。


    1. They waited for the storm to abate.

    2. We abate something of the wanton extravagance of our pretensions.

    3. Digestion, alkali - stabilization, composting, irradiation, pasteurism, and perfection of laws and regulations for stacking and application of sewage sludge are main measures that can be used to abate the pathogenic risks on environment and health

    4. The doctor gave him some medicine to abate the pain

    5. In recent years, asset - backed securitization has become a topic of the economic and financial domain in our nation, as a financial innovation, the application of asset - backed securitization in china will not only accelerate the effective circulation of financing, but also abate the risk of liquidity and the pressure of capital sufficiency on the commercial banks, furthermore, it will accelerate our financial system reform, improve the efficiency of financial market, and quicken the step of capital market internationalization and modernization, it is of great practical significance to import and use the asset - backed securitization for the economy and finance development in china, although, thee are some foreign models for asset - backed securitization, but the factors which influence the securitization in china are very different from those of foreign countries, we should n ' t copy word for word foreign models, therefore, it is worthy of probing and researching a model, which meets the situation in china nicely