n. 名詞 阿博特〈姓氏〉。


    1. Miss abbott took heart and turned diplomatic.

    2. Call abbott. tell him to wait for me in his hotel

    3. Minister tony abbott to complain about aboriginal management of

    4. After starring in yet another coming - of - age tale, pat o connor s rather anemic " inventing the abbotts " 1997, in which she sensitively rendered the meatiest of the three abbott sisters, tyler embarked on " armageddon " 1998, her first commercial blockbuster amidst a steady diet of art - house films. as bruce willis daughter and ben affleck s love interest, she got her first taste of the kind of inane story that can make hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to disney s marketing muscle

    5. Pvc grey jacket ; od : 5. 3mm ; trunk cable connector of patient monitor : rectangle 11 pin pink, male ; termination of cable connector : connect abbott disposable transducer kit and medex disposable transducer kit, and so on

      可連接傳感器:雅培, medex等傳感器插頭: 11pin紅色-電話插頭母線纜: pvc屏蔽四芯線纜od5 . 3mm線纜長: 4m傳感器端:電話插頭雅培, medex產地:北京