absolute zero中文意思是什麼

absolute zero解釋
【物理學】絕對零度〈-273. 16℃〉。

  • absolute: adj 1 絕對的 (opp relative comparative); 完全的,純粹的。2 無條件的,無限制的。3 專制的,獨裁的...
  • zero: n (pl zeros zeroes)1 【數學】零;零號。2 零位;零點,起點;(溫度表的)零度,冰點;座標原點;無...

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  1. The cold of interstellar space, thousands of degrees below freezing point or the absolute zero of fahrenheit, centigrade or raumur : the incipient intimations of proximate dawn

    星際空間的寒冷,冰點以下幾千度或華氏攝氏或列氏的絕對零度194 ,即將迎來黎明的最早兆頭。
  2. The heart of the 3. 5 - tonne satellite is a container holding four spheres the size of ping pong balls that will be chilled to near absolute zero and spun 10, 000 times a minute, making them the most accurate gyroscopes ever built

    這個3 . 5噸的人造衛星核心部分是一個裝有4個乒乓球大小的圓球的容器,這些小球可以被冷凍到絕對零度並能每分轉10000轉,這些都使這個裝置成為建造過的最精確的陀螺儀
  3. Consequently, the first chip - trap proposal, put forward by a group at the california institute of technology in 1995, involved cooling the entire chip to near absolute zero using a bulky and expensive liquid - helium refrigerator

    所以, 1995年加州理工學院的一個小組首度提出晶片阱的構想,需要用龐大且昂貴的液態氦冷凍機,將整個晶片冷卻到接近絕對零度。
  4. The theory stated that at temperatures near absolute zero, the atoms could reach a state of such low energy that they collapsed into a new state where it was no longer possible to distinguish between them - a state known as einstein - bosecondensation

  5. She has cooled them just shy of absolute zero ( - 459 degrees fahrenheit ) and observed their funky quantum doings, leading the way into an unexplored realm that holds implications for superconductivity ? the creation of resistance - less electrical flow