accessible stationary points中文意思是什麼

accessible stationary points解釋

  • accessible: adj. 1. 能接近的,容易會見的。2. 可以進入的;容易理解的。3. 易受影響的。4. 好相處的。adv. -bly
  • stationary: adj. 不動的,靜止的,不變的;不增不減的,固定的,裝定的。n. 1. 不動的人,固定物。2. 〈pl. 〉駐軍。n. -ariness
  • points: 波因茨

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  1. Based on the results above the author summarizes some points about abyssal gravity cages

  2. He was, in a way, immensely accessible.

  3. As schneier points out, this phrase is not a good choice as a pass phrase, as shelley s complete works are available online and thus accessible to a dictionary attack on the key

  4. Secondly, the stationary points of the lccm cost function are analyzed to demonstrate that the lccma attempts to suppress multipath of the desired user ' s signal rather than exploit it

  5. At the phase transition points, both the thermodynamical equilibrium and non - equilibrium fluctuations in these black holes approach infinite ; ( 3 ) because both of the thermodynamical fluctuations in all stationary black holes listed above approach zero, the second order phase transitions dose n ' t occur when r + r _

    此時,無論是在黑洞的平衡漲落中還是在非平衡漲落中,總有一些熱力學量的漲落趨于無窮大。 ( 3 )它們在r _ + r _ -的地方沒有發生二級相變。此時,黑洞所有的熱力學漲落都變為0 。