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  • accession: n. 1. 能接近,接近,到達。2. 就任;繼承。3. 增加;增加物。4. 〈美國〉新添的圖書[作品]。5. 參加(某團體)。6. 【法律】財產自然增益的所有權。7. 【醫學】發作。8. 同意。
  • number: n 1 數;數字;〈pl 〉算術。2 (汽車等的)號碼;第…,第…卷,第…期〈通常略作 No (復數 Nos ),用於...
  • index: n (pl es dices )1 索引。2 指標,標準,標志。3 示[食]指 (=index finger)。4 指數。5 【印刷】指...

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  1. Part 1 : identification of a novel gene, tsarg2, and its sequence character cloning new apoptosis - related novel gene is a key to further understanding of apoptosis mechanism and the biological process of germ cell, and it is of momentous significance on clarifying physiology and pathology process of spermatogenesis. to rapidly attain human novel gene full - length cdna sequence, the gene - specific primers and the vector - specific primers have been designed for successful performing nested pcr and draft human genome searching to rapidly identify the tsarg2 ( genebank accession number ay040204 ) 5 " end from a human testis cdna library by using a cdna fragment ( genebank accession number be644542 ) as a electronic probe, which was significantly changed in cryptorchidism and represents a novel gene. furthermore, a mouse homologue of this gene was identified ( genebank accession number af395083 ) by lab on - line

    本研究分為三個部分,其主要實驗方法及實驗結果如下:第一章tsarg2基因的克隆與序列分析從已獲得的在隱睪和正常睪丸對照中表達量有明顯差異的est片段( be644542 )入手,設計了基因特異性引物和載體特異性引物進行巢式pcr擴增,結合人類基因組草圖搜索法,從睪丸cdna文庫中快速分離出人類睪丸凋亡相關基因的5末端而獲得全長cdna , genbank登錄號為ay040204 ,同時應用生物信息學的方法克隆了該基因在小鼠中的同源基因, genbank登錄號為af395083 。
  2. Achievement should admit number index to combine nature to have with this locality have high low

  3. Cun - chen gao. design of robust sliding hyperplanes for parametric uncertain systems with time - delay [ j ]. advances in modelling & analysis, c ( in france ), 2002, 57 ( 4 ) : pp. 49 - 60. ei04228185586, accession number : 04228185586

    高存臣.時滯參數不確定系統的魯棒滑模設計[ c ]第21屆中國控制會議論文集,浙江大學出版社, 2002 , 51 - 56
  4. Armigera was analysed and then registered in genbank and accession number was af515667. the cdna encodes a protein with a plltative 2l amino - acid signal peptide and a 425 amino - acid mature protein with molecular mass of 50 kda

    連接產物轉化jm ,提取質粒進行酶切及pcr分析,將此連接產物命名為pchto將pcht轉化blzi ( de3 ) ,經iptg誘導,提取菌體內容物sds page電泳。
  5. In the first part of this experiment, we isolated the tsmt gene ( genebank accession number : af499726. 1 ) from a a zap - cdna library cons tructed from a 200mmoll - 1 nacl - treated library of thellungiella salsuginea and analyzed its sequence characterization, genomic organization and the differential expression in response to salt stress. tsmt encodes metallothionein and there is only one copy in thellungiella salsuginea genome according to its southern blotting

    L ~ ( - 1 ) nacl處理的鹽芥地上部分構建的zap - cdna文庫中克隆了編碼金屬硫蛋白的基因tsmt ( genebank號為af499726 . 1 ) ,並分別對其序列特徵、基因組結構和在鹽脅迫下的表達特性進行了分析,結果表明tsmt編碼鹽芥金屬硫蛋白, southern結果顯示tsmt在鹽芥基因組中只有一個拷貝。