accidental high exposure中文意思是什麼

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  • accidental: adj. 1. 偶然的,不測的;意外的 (opp. planned)。2. 非本質的 (opp. essential)。3. 附帶的,附屬的。n. 1. 偶然事;偶然;附帶事物。2. 【音樂】臨時符。
  • high: adj 1 高的〈指物,形容人的身高用 tall〉;高處的;高地的。2 高級的,高等的,高位的,重要的。3 高尚...
  • exposure: n. 1. 曝露;曝曬;揭發。2. 【攝影】曝光;膠卷[軟片]張數;曝光時間。3. (房屋的)朝向,方位。4. 商品的陳列。5. 【歷史】(嬰兒的)曝棄。

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  1. High - strength thermoplastics tpu stability slice, specially designed for badminton sports, is used in the lateral heel of the shoes. it prevents accidental evagination and provides the stability of movement

  2. Therefore, sequential research on chf is necessary. when in accidental conditions of nuclear reactor, the mass flux of coolant is very low. in such condition, the steam quality is high, and the mechanism of chf is mainly controlled by bulk flow, whereas microcosmic parameters near the chf area are affected by the flow conditions in whole tube which called " upstream memory effect "

  3. It is believed that the exposure of highly reactive surfaces during the wear process along with the high temperatures at asperity contacts act to " polymerize " the fluid, forming a viscous sludge, which inhibits bearing rotation

  4. Since the dichromated gelatin has a higher diffraction efficiency in all holographic recording materials, the aim of this research is to use dichromated gelatin as the recording material and to make use of the principle of holography to design holographic optical components, especially in fabrication procedure of dichromated gelatin film and in experimental technique to form a high diffraction efficiency using different angular exposure method

    為了產生優質的聚焦能力與效率,本研究採用目前具有最高繞射效率( 80 ~ 90 % )的重鉻酸明膠材料作為感光劑,除了自行調制藥劑比例成分,並依嚴格的製作步製成重鉻酸明膠全像片外,並採用不同角度重覆曝光方式改良干涉式波帶板無法自動追蹤的缺點,經過多次試驗與改進,藉以形成具備高繞射效率和自動追蹤功能的全像光學波帶板。
  5. Dongguan hongyi trading co., ltd has formed a perfect sale net in the world and have received high exposure through our favored customers obtaining international acclaim the quota and the anti - dumping regulations will undoubtedly frustrate both exporters and importers pertaining to the placement of orders