accidental singularity中文意思是什麼

accidental singularity解釋

  • accidental: adj. 1. 偶然的,不測的;意外的 (opp. planned)。2. 非本質的 (opp. essential)。3. 附帶的,附屬的。n. 1. 偶然事;偶然;附帶事物。2. 【音樂】臨時符。
  • singularity: n. 1. 奇特;特別;非凡,異常;奇特的東西;怪癖,特性。2. 〈罕用語〉獨一,單一,獨個。3. 【天文學】奇點〈宇宙物體收縮至無限大密度和無限小體積的空間的一個假想點〉;【數學】奇點。

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  1. It is by no means accidental.

  2. Our deterrent weapons are guarded against accidental explosion or use.

  3. A transparent cover is provided to protect the disc against accidental marking or smudging.

  4. According to representative section, tectono - stratigraphic unite, rock association character, beidahe group is divided a, b, c petrofabrics. the lithology of a petrofabric is amphibolite, gneiss interlated with schist, accidental marble. the lithology of b petrofabric is schist interlated with marble, quartzite

    根據代表性剖面的研究,在構造巖石地層單位序列劃分變質地層的原則指導下,按變質巖石組合特徵劃分了a 、 b 、 c三個巖組。
  5. The fate of each family was anticipated; but they who prophesied their expulsion to beggary and ruin, were disappointed by an accidental circumstance.