account enquiry中文意思是什麼

account enquiry解釋

  • account: n 1 計算;賬;賬目;賬戶;計算書,賬單;報告書,報表。2 說明,解釋;記事,故事。3 理由,原因。4 ...
  • enquiry: n. =inquiry.

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  1. Any aider and abetter will have the same punishment. " for enquiry on the employment of foreign domestic helpers, please contact the immigration department at : -

    市民就僱用外籍家庭傭工方面如有任何查詢,可致電2824 6111 ,或傳真2877 7711 ,或電郵至
  2. I whispered to catherine that she mustn't, on any account, accede to the proposal.

  3. Government rent account enquiry form

  4. Account statement and account details enquiry

  5. The phone banking roaming service offers comprehensive account management services : general banking services, including account balance enquiry, fund transfers and foreign exchange, enquiry on deposit and interest rate, fixed - term deposit ; investment banking services, including stock trading and account balance enquiry ; credit card services, including enquiry on account balance and application status