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  1. Twice as strong as sodium pentothal, with no druggie aftereffects

  2. The experimental results showed that in the condition of this experiment four algaecides all had strong removing rate on algae, and their removing rate increased with dose increasing, and decreased with algae density increasing. according to the removing rate on algae and cost value or so, the sequence of four algaecides from good to bad were potassium permanganate, copper sulfate, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite. in the condition of this experiment, the suitable dose of potassium permanganate was 0. 8mg / l, the algal removing rate was beyond 90 % and the cost of this algaecide was only 0. 0068 / m3. the efficiency of algae removal by four algaecides for huanghe river water was studied. the results showed that the majority of huanghe river water was bacillaroiphyta, and the dominant genera was melosira, which reached 78 % ~ 94 %

    結果表明,在實驗條件下,四種殺藻劑均具有一定的殺藻效果,藻類去除率均隨藥劑投量的增加而提高;原水藻類數量影響殺藻劑殺藻效果,四種殺藻劑的藻類去除率均隨原水藻類數量的增加而降低;通過殺藻效果、經濟性以及安全性等方面的綜合比較,對于以有毒藍藻為優勢藻屬的引灤水,四種殺藻劑的優劣程度從優到劣排序為:高錳酸鉀硫酸銅過氧化氫次氯酸鈉;在實驗條件下,高錳酸鉀適宜投加量為0 . 8mg l ,藻類去除率高於90 ,所需的藥劑費用僅為0 . 0068元m ~ 3 。
  3. A novel protein immobilization approach for piezoelectric immunosensors based on the sam of derivative aa has been proposed, which is formed by coupling merca ptoprorionic acid ( mpa ) to alginic acid sodium salt via edc and nhs. ( 1 ) the tr antibody is immobilized via edc and nhs. comparing with the mpa sam method, this new approach shows greater frequency response and high sensitivity

    應用edc和nhs使褐藻酸鈉與胱胺偶合形成衍生褐藻酸鈉作新的自組裝材料,用於蛋白固定,應用這一新方法, ( 1 )實現了轉鐵蛋白抗體分子的固定,並對轉鐵蛋白參考血清進行了測定,該方法可在0 . 08 25 . 7 g / ml范圍內對轉鐵蛋白進行測定。
  4. Determination of exchangeable sodium in alkaline soil

  5. Equal amount of sodium bicarbonate should be administered to alkalize urine in order to excrete the medicine