acoustically transparent pressure vessel中文意思是什麼

acoustically transparent pressure vessel解釋

  • acoustically: 聽覺上
  • transparent: adj 透明的,可為(X光等)透射的;明了的,明白的(文體等);透徹的;坦率的,開朗的(性格等);顯而...
  • pressure: n 1 壓;按;擠;榨。2 【物理學】壓力,壓強;大氣壓力;電壓。3 精神壓力,政治[經濟、輿論等]壓力。4...
  • vessel: n. 1. 容器,器皿〈桶、缽、碗等〉。2. 船,艦;飛船。3. 〈喻、謔〉人。4. 【解剖學;動物學】管,脈管,血管;【植物;植物學】導管。

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  1. It is necessary to place the wood in a pressure vessel, usually known as a cylinder or autoclave.

  2. Supervisory bureau of national quality technology was promulgated on june 25, 1999 " technology of pressure vessel security is censorial regulations ", this regulations is carried out formally since january 1, 2000

    國家質量技術監督局於1999年6月25日頒布了《壓力容器安全技術監察規程》 ,該規程自2000年1月1日起正式實施。
  3. Before intervening in any circuit which has a gas filled pressure vessel, the pressure must be discharged from the circuit

  4. Industry : it has five solely - owned enterprises of carbon, thermal power, light steel, pressure vessel and wall body material and six enterprises with participating shares of shandong dongyue chemical industry co., ltd, printing center of newspaper office in the middle part of shandong, sida electric, plough textile company, xinquan cast iron co., ltd, laiwu kaiyuan wanxi company

  5. Acoustically transparent pressure vessel