acousticremote sensing technique中文意思是什麼

acousticremote sensing technique解釋

  • sensing: n. 1. 感覺。2. 【無線電】測向;偏航顯示;【計算機】讀出。
  • technique: n. 1. (專門)技術;(藝術上的)技巧,技能。2. 手法〈如畫法,演奏法等〉。3. 方法。

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  1. Remote sensing technique of oceanography

  2. Monitoring the sink of the estuary by utilizing remote sensing technique can not only directly show the effects of scouring - erosion variation of the channel at estuary section through a regulated discharge regime of the river, but also is the best presentation of the test influence to the estuary in plane

  3. Piezoelectric sensing technique has been applied to many fields, including analytical chemistry, life science, environmental monitoring and surface sciences because of it ' s small size, high sensitivity, simplicity, low power consumption and broad sensing spectrum. piezoelectric immunosensors possess high selectivity provided by antibodies or antigens and sensitivity response directly to the mass change of proteins. immobilization technologies of biomolecules are of paramount importance in order to preserve their biological activity

    壓電免疫傳感技術利用壓電晶體與抗原抗體特異性免疫反應結合的特徵,通常在壓電石英晶體表面先固定抗原(抗體) ,響應溶液中抗體(抗原)引起的質量、密度和粘度等性質的變化,它兼具有壓電質量響應的高靈敏性和生物化學反應的高特異性。
  4. A modified current - sensing technique for dc - dc converters

  5. Application of remote sensing technique in western china coal resources prospecting and evaluation