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  • vessel: n. 1. 容器,器皿〈桶、缽、碗等〉。2. 船,艦;飛船。3. 〈喻、謔〉人。4. 【解剖學;動物學】管,脈管,血管;【植物;植物學】導管。

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  1. The vessel at anchor surged in the heavy sea.

  2. Because pressing of arteries and veins increased the impact to blood - vessel greatly, this is, make easy exhaustion mixes the stretch ingredient of tube wall rupture, easy development is aneurism and possible burst, at the same time of hemal wall inside film is injured easily and bring about sclerosis of arterial congee appearance and thrombosis, the hemal sclerosis that and be pressed with wide arteries and veins coexists and diastolic pressure are too low return burden of can aggravating heart and blood of influence coronal arteries and veins to offer

  3. Leading by professor yang weizhong, gamma knife center of neurosurgery of affiliated xiehe hospital in fujian medicine university introduced world leading operation navigation system, micro - operation system and ultrasonic operation devices, etc. selective cerebral artery tumour chemotherapy, embolism treating brain blood vessel disease were successfully applied and publicly recognized highly difficult neurosurgery operation is mastered like avm, aneurism, brain tumour, sponge tumourm, blood vessel tumour and other tumours

  4. The process of vessel element ' s promotion, formation and connection in primary xylem of antirrhinum majus, a model plant, was observed through micropolariscope and bright - field microscope

  5. In vitro induction, differentiation and seeding of source cells for the endothelialization of small - diameter artificial blood vessel of polyurethane