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  • action: n 1 動作,活動;行為,行動。 ★ act 指一次所作的行為;action 雖與 act 同義,但多半指某一期間內出現...
  • bar: BAR = Browning automatic rifle 白朗寧自動步槍。n 巴爾〈南斯拉夫港市〉。n 1 棒,桿,條;棒狀物。2...

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  1. Based on the numerical simulation and accuracy analysis to previous slab ' s test with the ansys program, the study of composite wall, with various detail design under potential load action respectively or jointly is carried on and the wall ' s atress behavior and failure mode is obtained, also the influence to wall ' s stiffness and bearing capacity by kinds of factors, including wall ' s shear span ratio, member ' s section, bar arrangement, etc. based on the hammer blow test and stiffness test, a 1 / 3 scale ten - bay model ' s modality parameter and elastic deformation characteristic is analyzed

    在對密肋復合墻板運用ansys ~ ( ( ? ) )程序進行數值模擬、分析驗證的基礎上,對典型組合墻體在不同連接構造和不同荷載效應組合作用下的受力形態和破壞模式進行研究;計算分析了復合墻體剪跨比、邊框柱截面尺寸、邊框柱配筋大小以及墻板內肋梁肋柱配筋等諸多因素對密肋復合墻體承載力及剛度的影響,得出其變化規律。
  2. Programatic modification of macros, key bindings, and the action bar page only allowed outside of combat

  3. Drag icon into the action bar or the right or left skill sphere to use

  4. Modifying the action bar

  5. This action is available via the action bar on a meeting document, and via the actions menu

    該操作通過會議文檔上的action bar以及actions菜單提供。