actual bicarbonate excess中文意思是什麼

actual bicarbonate excess解釋

  • actual: adj 現實的,實際的,真實的,現行的,現在的。 in actual existence 現存。 in actual life 在現實生活...
  • bicarbonate: n. 【化學】碳酸氫鹽,重碳酸鹽。 bicarbonate of soda 碳酸氫鈉,小蘇打。
  • excess: n 1 過量;過剩。2 超過,超越。3 超過數量。4 過度,(飲食等)無節制。5 〈pl 〉 過分行為,暴行。adj...

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  1. Excess acidity is corrected in the slurry storage tanks.

  2. Human adults given growth hormone have suffered from acromegaly ( excess bone growth ) and carpal tunnel syndrome

  3. Information on the nearest approach together with an estimate of the minimum central pressure of each tropical cyclone during its closest approach, the maximum winds at king s park and waglan island, the minimum mean sea - level pressure recorded at the hong kong observatory and the maximum storm surge the excess, in metres, of the actual water level over that predicted in the tide tables recorded at various tide stations in hong kong are included

  4. A model test was designed to simulate the consolidation process of warping soil, the validity of theoretical equation and the solution methods presented in this study. actual measurements for excess pore - pressure, void ratio and settlement - time curves all showed good agreement with the corresponding computed values

  5. Any excess of actual reserves above required reserves