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  • address: n 1 (信上的)稱呼,姓名;地址。2 致辭;寒喧;演說;正式請願。3 談吐,風度。4 〈pl 〉 求愛,獻殷...
  • compare: vt 1 比較,對照 (with); 參照。2 把…比作為 (to)。3 【語法】把(形容詞、副詞)變成比較級[最高級...
  • mode: n 1 法,樣,方法,方式。2 模,型;樣式,體裁,款式;習慣。3 風尚;〈the mode〉流行,時髦。4 【語...

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  1. Research about ctod and its components 8 ", " shows that the direction angle of ctod vector is identical with the fracture angle of void - mode fracture, which is obtained through experiments, and it is also identical with the result got by peak value line of stress triaxiality. besides, 8 i " was compare with vgc as criterion for initiation of void - mode fracture

    對裂紋尖端張開位移ctod及其張開型分量~ 1和剪切型分量~ 11的分析表明,在試件發生韌窩型斷裂時,按照圓弧裂紋中ctod矢量的垂直方向預測的斷裂角與試驗測得的斷裂角符合較好,與三軸度脊線預計的結果也比較一致。
  2. Finaiiy, the paper also has introduced the virtua1 worid of windows rs ; j { ? # - - lase / and how to map the 1ogica1 address to physica1 address in protected mode and the interrupt mechanism of protected mode, then the paper has i11ustrated that it is necessary to write virtua1 device driver ( vxd ) in order to access hardware device from the third leve1

  3. Retrieves or sets the texture - address mode for the w - coordinate

  4. Initial probe into address selection of wastewater treatment plant by three - dimensional mode

  5. The research method is the combination of sample check and contrast analysis. the sample is yingkou no. 2 construction engineering company. and the materials of human power capital management are collected by checking the personnel files, organizing discussions and talking with the stuffs. the contrast analysis is to compare with the two successful samples : japanese mode and haier mode