adenomyoma of stomach中文意思是什麼

adenomyoma of stomach解釋

  • adenomyoma: 腺肌瘤
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • stomach: n 1 胃。2 〈口語〉肚子。3 胃口,食慾;嗜好,慾望;志趣。vt 1 吃…吃得津津有味;消化。2 忍耐,忍受...

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  1. The diagnosis and treatment of endoscope in early carcinoma of stomach

  2. Buprenorphine for use in pcia or pcea post radical operation for carcinoma of stomach

  3. Fundic glands of stomach is simple gland or branched tubular gland, cardiac gland is branched tubular gland, pylorie gland is vesicular gland, mucous cell in the fundic gland of stomachs cardiac gland and pylorie gland all secrete neutral mucous

  4. This is possible because stomach acid is needed to help the body absorb calcium - proton pump inhibitors work by slowing the production of stomach acid

  5. The fibre quality of the banana is very high, can help the normal activity of stomach, dispel and secrete, do not need to take the laxative