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  • retention: n. 1. 保留,保持,(意見等的)保留。2. 保持力,記憶力;保留物。3. 〈古語〉拘押,監禁;扣留。4. 【醫學】分泌閉止,停滯;閉尿;固位。5. 【保險】保有額。
  • volume: n. 1. 卷,冊;書籍;【歷史】書卷,卷軸。2. 〈常 pl. 〉大塊,大量,許多。3. 體積;容積;分量,額;【物、樂】音量;強度,響度。

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  1. From 60 ' s of the 20th century, the aluminum easy open can was putted into market, it was warmly welcome by the people as its too many advantages such as, light in weight, big in volume per unit, easy to open and carryover and long retention period etc. its usage and quantity are expanding from day to day

  2. After reference solution has been formulated and sensitivity has been adjusted and tested according to above mentioned method ( 3 ), take appropriate amount of test sample solution and reference solution, blend samples separately ; unless otherwise specified, recording time of the former should be 2 times of retention time of chromatographic peak of main component, measure peak area of each impurity on the chromatograph chart of test sample solution, and compare with peak area of main components of reference solution, then calculate content of each impurity accordingly

    同上述( 3 )法配製對照溶液並調節檢測靈敏度后,取供試品溶液和對照溶液適且,分別迸樣,前者的記錄時間,除另有規定外,應為主成分色譜峰保留時間的2倍,測量供試品溶液色譜圖上各雜質的峰面積並與對照溶液主成分的峰面積比較,計算雜質含量。
  3. Baf has many advantages, such as small volume, little covering earth and hydraulic retention time ( hrt ), high treatment efficiency and effluent water quality, low investment and running cost etc. baf has been used widely for many years in the world and been used to treat several wastewater in our country. in this paper, baf was studied on guanting reservoir water source treatment with pilot scale and homemade expanded clay as filtration media

    曝氣生物濾池( biologicalaeratedfilter ,簡稱baf ,或biologicalfiltrationoxidizationreactor ,簡稱biofor )工藝具有體積小、容積負荷高、水力負荷大、水力停留時間短、所需基建投資少、處理出水水質好等特點,國外已廣泛應用,國內也在多個行業的水處理中成功應用。
  4. This was partly due to higher oil prices that increased the value of imports, but even in inflation - adjusted volume terms the surplus stopped growing in the latter part of last year

  5. Net retention volume