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  • administration: n 1 管理,掌管,經營;〈英國〉行政,施政。2 行政機關,局[處、署];〈A 主美〉政府。3 給與;施行。4...
  • pattern: n 1 模範,榜樣;典範。2 型,模型;模式;雛型;【冶金】原型。3 花樣;式樣;(服裝裁剪的)紙樣;圖...
  • anchor: n 1 掛錨;錨狀物。2 樁,支架。3 〈比喻〉依靠。4 【體育】一隊運動員中最後參加比賽的人;殿後的人〈...

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  1. The national sole proprietorship company adapt to apply stockholder administration pattern. at the same time, co - administration pattern of those correlated with profits is suitable for the state - owned proprietary company

    指出國有獨資公司宜採用股東治理模式,相對于國有獨資公司而言, 「利益相關者共同治理模式」更適用於國有控股公司。
  2. Spatial resolution deficit pattern, after administration for 10 days, water maze test was adapted to train mice for successive 5 days. a blank control group received ip of equivalent normal saline, the remaining 5 groups received ip of 15mg / kg pentobarbital sodium at 30min before training everyday, mice were administrated 1 time during training

    空間分辨障礙小鼠,連續給藥10天後,採用水迷宮法連續訓練5天,每天y ! i練前30ndn ,腹腔注射戊巴比妥鈉15mg kg 。訓練過程中每天給藥1次。
  3. With the help of nonlinear finite element software adina, the distribution pattern and magnitude of back earth pressure of the anchor slab retaining wall with double layered anchor plate with various material parameters were analyzed, and the factors influencing the earth pressure ware discussed, also

  4. I related objectively xingsheng wood industry company developing experience from a small factory to a large enterprise and the problems it is facing now in the operational activities and management method. the second part is the analysis of cases, i give a comprehensive analysis about the enterprise ' s organizational structure, human resource administration, management pattern and core competitive according to the actual situation of the enterprise with the knowledge i have learned so as to put forward the methods and the measures to solve the problems and delve into the subject that how the private - owned enterprises will improve their operation and management for the future development

  5. As an enterprise, the difference administration pattern and level can change its original condition completely, it can not only make its success but also make its end up in failure