administrative science quartery中文意思是什麼

administrative science quartery解釋

  • administrative: adj. 1. 管理的;行政的。2. 非戰斗性行政勤務的。
  • science: n 1 科學;科學研究。2 (一門)科學,學科。3 自然科學。4 學;學問;〈古語〉知識。5 (拳術、馬術等...

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  1. Haunschild, p. r. and a. s. miner ( 1997 ). " interorganizational imitation : the effects of outcome salience and uncertainty. " administrative science quarterly 42 : 472 - 500

  2. Some problems pertinent to administrative evaluation of forensic science service quality

  3. Beginning with the basic conception of dhe, the author applies the basic theories of pedagogy and administrative science to make a further discussion on the problems of the mode of dhe in china

  4. Political and administrative science, a new specialty in southwest jiaotong university, has developed its superiority of discipline and formed a training mode of emphasizing basic knowledge, enrolling students with diverse background and enabling students to get more job opportunities

  5. This essay uses essential principal of administrative law and administrative science 、 politics 、 economics and other relative knowledge, and adopts comparative 、 legal positivism 、 reference and other researching ways to do comprehensive research. it puts forward many countermeasures for promoting the administrative license reformation. the essay has five chapters