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  • administrative: adj. 1. 管理的;行政的。2. 非戰斗性行政勤務的。
  • science: n 1 科學;科學研究。2 (一門)科學,學科。3 自然科學。4 學;學問;〈古語〉知識。5 (拳術、馬術等...

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  1. Haunschild, p. r. and a. s. miner ( 1997 ). " interorganizational imitation : the effects of outcome salience and uncertainty. " administrative science quarterly 42 : 472 - 500

  2. Article 14. whenever units involved in matters such as national affairs, economic construction, building the national defense, and advanced science and technology are registered, evidence of the approval of the chief administrative section should be shown

  3. Some problems pertinent to administrative evaluation of forensic science service quality

  4. Being the base of the city s hi - tech industry and renovation of traditional industries and the window of opening up, xinyu hi - tech economic development zone is an industry, foreign investment and export - oriennted economic development area contain - ing hi - tech, private industrial, food industry, export processing, science and education parks, and commercial and residential areas, etc. founded in november of 2001, it has a total planning area of 40. 125sqkm. it is a new district of the city s planning development, serving as the experiment area for deepening the reform and the base to training modern administrative personnel

    新余市高新技術經濟開發區新余市高新技術經濟開發區以工業、外資、出口為主,成立於2001年11月(以下簡稱高新區) ,是全市高新技術產業的基地,改造傳統產業的輻射園,全市對外開放的窗口,深化改革的試驗區,城市規劃發展的新區,培養造就現代化管理人員的基地,在多方面起示範作用的特區。高新區規劃總面積40
  5. Article 107 local people ' s governments at and above the county level, within the limits of their authority as prescribed by law, conduct administrative work concerning the economy, education, science, culture, public health, physical culture, urban and rural development, finance, civil affairs, public security, nationalities affairs, judicial administration, supervision and family planning in their respective administrative areas ; issue decisions and orders ; appoint or remove administrative functionaries, train them, appraise their performance and reward or punish them