adventurous criterion中文意思是什麼

adventurous criterion解釋

  • adventurous: adj. 1. 愛冒險的;膽大的。2. 冒險的;危險的。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  • criterion: n. (pl. -ria) (評判等的)標準,準則。

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  2. In that time of my adventurous youth, i suffered many hardships.

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  4. Meanwhile, the author analyses in - depth auditorial modes and problems nowadays through macroscopical, microcosmic, system, main body, object, auditorial target, evaluation standard and auditorial criterion of the financial responsibility. however, author also reconstructs the aim frame of auditorial system during the leader ' s tenure of office in china through considering its relationship, main body, process and goal

  5. In the college administer the supervise of laboratory equipment is allimportant. it will conduce to elevation the criterion pitch about laboratory equipment supervise that we open out a suit of banausic system of laboratory equipment administer. sequentially, that will boosts the efficiency of supervise