adverb of manner中文意思是什麼

adverb of manner解釋

  • adverb: n. 【語法】副詞。 relative [interrogative] adverb 關系[疑問]副詞。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • manner: n. 1. 方法,做法。2. 態度,樣子,舉止;〈pl. 〉 禮貌,規矩。3. 〈pl. 〉 風俗,習慣,慣例,生活方式。4. (藝術、文學的)風格手法,樣式,體;癖。5. 種類。

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  1. She still has the same calmness and deliberation of manner.

  2. Affections of manner and speech are mere frippery

  3. Her pride was hurt, but her habitual control of manner helped her.

  4. Then he had eaten some without saying a word more ; danglars, therefore, concluded that such luxuries were common at the table of the illustrious descendant of the cavalcanti, who most likely in lucca fed upon trout brought from switzerland, and lobsters sent from england, by the same means used by the count to bring the lampreys from lake fusaro, and the sterlet from the volga. thus it was with much politeness of manner that he heard cavalcanti pronounce these words, " to - morrow, sir, i shall have the honor of waiting upon you on business.

    他在盧卡的時候,多半也常吃從瑞士運來的鱒魚和從英國運來的蝦,就象伯爵吃由富莎樂湖來的藍鰻和伏爾加河來的小蝶鮫一樣所以他極熱情地接受了卡瓦爾康蒂的這幾句話: 「明天,閣下,我當登門拜訪,和您談一下有關業務方面的事情。 」
  5. Harshness of manner ; ill temper or irritability