adversarial shopper中文意思是什麼

adversarial shopper解釋

  • adversarial: 對手的
  • shopper: n. 1. 買東西的人;顧客。2. (商店僱用的)代客選購貨物的人。3. (商店僱用的)打聽行情的人。4. 〈美國〉購物指南〈登載當地各商店廣告的傳單〉。

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  1. Scattered among the government headquarters and financial and banking houses are a wealth of opportunities for any shopper

  2. Speaking at the ceremony, managing director of urban group dr edmond cheng pointed out that, " urban group has been managing park lane shopper s boulevard since its completion in 1986. since then, we design a glamourous and festive christmas lighting decoration for the shopping arcade every year, which has successfully established park lane as a popular shopping hub and a remarkable landmark in hong kong.

  3. An indiscriminate shopper ; indiscriminate taste in music

  4. Quality cannot get mixed up with other bargaining and be compromised by the usual adversarial relationship between workers and management.

  5. And i am convinced, too, that i should become an inveterate window shopper, for it must be a delight to the eye to view the myriad articles of beauty on display