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  1. " it suppresses the growth of the fibrous tissue of the sclera ( outer coat of the eye ball ), thus preventing the excessive lengthening of the eyeball, a major cause for myopia, " professor lam explained

  2. Indiana jones and the temple of doom ( 1984 ) - the chilled monkey brains and eyeball soup were just parlor tricks : it was the " snake surprise " that was the real centerpiece to indy ' s most famous meal

    奪寶奇兵2之魔宮傳奇? ?冷凍的猴腦和眼球湯只是客廳里的惡作劇:這是印地安真正的最重要的主菜。
  3. Efficacy observation on 104 cases of eyeball contusive hyphema caused by plastics bullet

  4. The evahuation of x - ray, b - scan and ct in localization of foreign bodies in the wall of eyeball

  5. Dozen fold those who let benefit can attract customer most " eyeball ", arouse the desire to buy of consumer

    打折讓利最能吸引消費者的「眼球」 ,激發消費者的購買欲。