adversity communications中文意思是什麼

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  • adversity: n 逆境,苦難,不幸。 Sweet are the uses of adversity 常常是苦盡甘來。 the prosperities and advers...
  • communications: 溝通

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  1. Digital speech technology has been widely used in many fields of communications in recent years, but it is just at beginning to use acoustical wave to implement underwater digital speech communications, which mainly results from the bandwidth - limited underwater acoustic communications channel and its high temporal and spatial variability

  2. Besides this the mediterranean was the main artery in the communications of the british empire.

  3. Its position at the heart of europe has meant that austria has always been a junction for communications between the continent's main economic and cultural centres.

  4. Bank communications become more effective.

  5. Bda is the hub of communications linking beijing, tianjin, and tanggu in terms of transportation network leading to all directions by means of air, land, and sea