affect and queer performativity中文意思是什麼

affect and queer performativity解釋

  • affect: vt 1 假裝,佯裝,假冒,冒充。2 愛,好,愛用,愛穿。3 成(某種形狀)。4 常去,常在(某處)。vt 1 ...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • queer: adj 1 奇妙的,奇怪的。2 〈口語〉可疑的,費解的。 3 眩暈的,眼花的,(身體)覺得不舒服的;有點神經...
  • performativity: 表演性

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  1. Silly mistakes and queer clothes often arouse ridicule.

  2. The research from the corporate oriented perspective focuses on explaining the evaluation and choice of sports sponsorship plan. most of this kind of research is on establishing the expectations of sports sponsorship in brand management. the expectations include the creation of positive attitude, affect and cognition as well as the exaltation of brand image and associations

    本文引入為以往研究所忽視的品牌個性理論和匹配理論,將體育賽事作為獨立品牌實體進行研究,利用品牌個性量表( bps )測量體育賽事和贊助商的品牌個性,通過分析體育贊助營銷中的贊助商和體育賽事在品牌個性上的匹配情況,結合贊助商的贊助目的,評估體育贊助營銷的效果。
  3. Secondly, the modification function and resonance produced by running power capacitor increased the harmonic at the same time, which worsen the operation environment of itself. it is very important to analyze the reason of harmonic and conduct the valid measure to restrain its affect and guarantee the safely operation of power network. the author has present the point in this paper, based on the operation characteristic of modern power system, the author described the production and development of network harmonic with the consideration on the same kind of problem

  4. And this paper also presents the research on precision of system. it discusses which affect precision of system and presents some measures to reduce and eliminate these affect and emphasize vibration and elastic distortion of spindle

  5. Electronic currency will surely affect and challenge the traditional trading means tremendously. electronic commerce will become the fundamental driving force of economic growth. while the era of e - commerce is facing an unprecedented opportunity, electronic currency is reaching each corner of the society at an amazing speed