1. Tell simply, reserve is moved on the bank, the kind that much money cannot use loan borrows ! such, heat up the afflux of money less

  2. Embarks from the thinking history angle of view, has made a connection impediment between the historical host ' s and visitor ' s in the creation history source, causes the historical host and visitor afflux, has realized between the historical intersubjectivity and the historical objectivity unification

  3. In the tide of the afflux of knowledge from west to east, with the transplantation of modern legal system, development of legal education and the introduction of the western legal analysis method, both the legal system and the legal knowledge system of classical china ruptured, then collapsed

  4. The common character is to change the solid interspace shape of surface soil to build the rainwater converge section ( afflux section ) and crop planting section and force the runoff of converge section flow to crop planting section together with the runoff of crop plant section for crop use