afterbody prismatic coefficient中文意思是什麼

afterbody prismatic coefficient解釋

  • afterbody: 船體後部;彈體尾部
  • prismatic: adj. 1. 稜柱(形)的。2. 用棱鏡分析的,分光的。3. 虹色的;射出七色光彩的;爛爛的。4. 【物理學】斜方晶系的。adv. -ically
  • coefficient: adj. 共同作用的。n. 1. 共同作用;協同因素。2. 【數,物】系數,率;程度。

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  1. The absorption coefficient is often strongly wavelength-dependent.

  2. So in that foundation this thesis proposed the amendatory expressions which can neglect the effect of secondary frame in computing structure lateral displacement, and this correction coefficient enhances the computation precision of that simplification method

  3. On the basis of the study on the speech coder algorithms, paper describe an advanced method of developing dsp system software, and as the guidlines, we developed the programme of whole decoder unit. paper stress on analysis of the ecu in decoder unit. aiming at amr algorithms disadvantage of angularity of synthetical speech, paper study on the specutral extrapolation which apply to extrapolate reflect coefficient of track model to make error conceal processing of amr. at last paper analyze existing echo cancellation algorithms using on mobile communication system

  4. Most grow best and form pycnidia earlier on ma, and pda is slightly not fitful for pycnidia growth of the kind of fungi. none of the species can produce ascocarps in 60 days. esterase isoenzymes of 12 strains of rhytismataceae were studied by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and clustering analysis of upgma and 12 strains were classified into 4 groups when correlation coefficient is 3. 1

    結果表明大多數種在ma平板上菌落營養生長最好,產生分生抱子器及分生抱子的時間較早、能力較強; oa也是可選擇的培養基之一:而p a較不適宜於該類菌物的營養生長和分生抱子器產生。
  5. 0, the correlation coefficient it the highest and also sensitive to the change of azimuth angle. it is unfavorable to retrieve