agency danair中文意思是什麼

agency danair解釋

  • agency: n. 1. 動作,作用;行為;動力,力量;媒介。2. 經辦,代理,代辦;代銷處。3. 機構;(黨、政)機關,廳,局。4. 〈美國〉印第安人事務局(= Indian agency )。

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  1. It contains more then 4, 000 chemicals which includes poisons and carcinogens. e. g. tar, nitcoine, carbon monoxide, ammonia, dimethylnitrosamine, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide and acrolein. the u. s. environment protection agency has classified secondhand smoke as a group a carcinogen

    二手煙霧含有4 , 000多種的化學粒子和氣體,當中還包括了焦油、尼古丁、苯並芘等粒子,以及有毒氣體如一氧化碳、亞摩尼亞、甲醛、丙烯醛等。
  2. He spoke in the person of xinhua news agency.

  3. In 1994 he founded his own press agency, amazonas images, which represents him and his work

    1994年,他成立了代表他自己和他的作品的圖片社? ?亞馬遜圖片社。
  4. " it ' s a dangerous stretch of sea because of the currents, " giuseppe ' s trainer, francesco cacopardo, told ansa news agency

    的教練francesco cacopardo對安莎社表示: 「湍急的水流讓墨西拿海峽變得很危險。 」
  5. The 14 - year - old boys, dressed as demons, had knocked on the man ' s door during an evening of " trick or treat " near the northern town of turin and set off a firecracker. when the door opened, instead of a treat, the man fired four shots at the boys having been scared by the noise and their strange outfits, the news agency ansa said