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  • air: n 1 空氣,大氣。2 天空,空中。3 微風,和風。4 態度,樣子,風度,氣派;〈pl 〉高傲的架子。5 傳播,...
  • defence: n 1 防禦,防備。2 保衛,保護;辯護。3 防衛物;〈pl 〉 【軍事】防禦工事,堡壘。4 護身術。5 【法律...
  • area: n. 1. 面積;平地;地面。2. 空地;〈英國〉地下室前的空地。3. 地區,地方;〈比喻〉區域;范圍。

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  1. Code for design of basement for civil air defence

  2. In the french air force, mirage 2000 fighters in operation are : mirage 2000c / b single seater and two seater for air defence ; mirage 2000n, two seater, designed for all weather nuclear penetration at low altitude and very high speed ; and mirage 2000d, which is an upgraded version of the mirage 2000n, for automated bombing using conventional and laser guided munitions ; e type for multi purpose exporting version ; r for single seat day / night eaporting version

    在法國空軍內,現役的幻影2000戰斗機為幻影2000c型單座戰斗機、 b型雙座戰斗教練機、幻影2000n雙座全天候低空高速核攻擊機以及其改進型d型常規精確制導武器攻擊機、幻影2000e多任務出口型、幻影2000r單座晝夜偵察出口型。
  3. Standard for quality inspection and assessment of civil air defence works

  4. Design specifications of shock vibration isolation of civil air defence works

  5. Analysis of the evolutionary group ' s decision - making mechanism for the large area air defence