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  • air: n 1 空氣,大氣。2 天空,空中。3 微風,和風。4 態度,樣子,風度,氣派;〈pl 〉高傲的架子。5 傳播,...
  • density: n. 1. 稠密;濃厚。2. 【物理學】濃度;密度;比重。3. 愚鈍,昏庸。

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  1. This article aims at the boiler ' s problems in operation : 1 ) under nominal load, the smoke temperature at the outlet of hearth reaches 1200, far more exceeds 1050 the original designed temperature. this will always result in slag inside boiler and the temperature of overheater ' s pipe superheat, so that boiler cannot take nominal load and all these influence boiler ' s nomal operation heavily, 2 ) this article also studied the reason why the assistant oil becoming necessary when coal changes. during the nomal operation, many factors ( makeup of combustor and its disposal, smirch and encrust of water wall, excessive air coefficient, temperature of primary air, coal type and density of coal dust ) can deviate the designed working conditions, then affect the boiler ' s nomal operation

    本文針對該鍋爐在實際運行中存在的問題:在額定負荷下,爐膛出口超溫、低溫段過熱器前煙溫高達936 ,遠遠超過815的設計值;噴燃器四周水冷壁結焦嚴重,過熱器管壁溫度超標,無法帶上額定負荷;甚至有時因燃煤質量的變化,必須投油助燃的嚴重情況進行了分析研究。在實際生產過程中,燃燒器的結構、布置,水冷壁的粘污、結垢,過剩空氣系數、一次風溫、煤種及其濃度變化等許多因素都會偏離鍋爐的設計工況,從而影響爐內的傳熱和燃燒,造成爐膛出口超溫、水冷壁結渣等問題。
  2. For " upper - air ", weather maps are usually drawn for isobaric ( i. e. equal pressure ) surfaces following the practice of conventional upper - air observations and analysis. air density and atmospheric pressure generally decrease as altitude increases

  3. Only when it takes humidity ratio h / ? as independent variable instead of absolute humidity h in researching and calculating the influence degree of the humidity on the discharge voltage, the emendation coefficients of relative air density and humidity can be independence, and can reflect the influence degree of atmospheric parameters on outer insulation discharge voltage actually

  4. And experimental study on the heat transfer performance and pressure drop characteristic of the process of bubbling evaporative cooling are carried. as there are so little attention and studies on the process bubbling evaporative cooling about heat transfer in the world at present, this paper mainly deals with the effects of the different bare tower velocity, weir height, heat flux density and plate perforation geometries on the heat transfer coefficient and the pressure drop of the process of air flowing

  5. Researching and analyzing on the test results of the influence of atmospheric parameters on outer insulation discharge voltage and its various emendation methods, it can be concluded that : with the change of relative air density, its humidity ratio h / ? will also change even though the absolute vapor mass ( absolute humidity h ) of the air is constant. consequently, the influence degree of the humidity on the discharge voltage should change, too

    本文通過對以往的大氣參數對外絕緣放電電壓影響的試驗成果及各種校正方法的研究分析認為:隨著相對空氣密度的變化,即使空氣中所含水氣的絕對質量(絕對濕度h )保持恆定,其比濕h也會變化,必然地,濕度對放電電壓的影響程度也會變化。